Javelin Barracks (PART 2)

Okie dokie,

So i had a bit to say when we first arrived into Javelin Barracks and to be honest im still not to happy about it!!

How long will it be before things start to happen in the camp, i have viewed a lot of critisism upwards with no real view on things happening?? although i wont be totally negative this time, things are slightly improving but more is needed such as the bowling alley actually opening, and a family's community centre (with bar) im talking more family orientated this time!

does anybody know more on what im talking about here on camp? there is still so much more room for improvement.

who has ideas??
For those of you who remember RAF Gutersloh, when the RLC moved in a bunch of Army RO's went marching about the place closing down all of the facilities that the Crabs had put in place.   I heard several stories on BBQ/bar areas closing because Maj (Retd) Elbow_Patches went "Hmmmphh, never had all this in my day - what do they think this place is - a holiday camp!"

I fear that Germany is still run by RO's, maybe this is the problem?
i believe the RO's are certainly running Javelin Bks as when we first moved in here they shut the chip shop down straight away........obviously no fish & chips in their days!! ;D
still, more is required, and although Rome wasn't built in a day, Javelin Bks is gonna take forever to sort out.
H'mmm, a thousand Brits coming to live in a centralised point in Germany - yes, thats a good idea, lets shut down the local Chippy! ??? ???

My god, what a brilliant business plan, these people should go and run the economy!!
Does anybody know if the standard Sky Mini-Dish will work in this area?  If not, what is the minimum dish that I would need?


It's amazing just how much people's attitudes vary when talking about good old Elmpt/Bruggen/Niederkruchten....whatever it is!

I think a lot of people have valid comments...some of it is good, some of it bad.  But as we all know you cannot please everybody all of the time.  Having lived on Javelin for just under a year, I think it is rather good.  OK so the houses may be a little small for my needs but there are plusses that make up for this.  The suurrounding areas are great, there are loads of places for kids to play well away from main roads.  In my previous location it was too dangerous for kids to play outside because of the local populace speeding up and down the road on the way to the autobahn.

The NAAFI shop is open to 2200 hrs and there are a number of bars on camp.  I think we have all been stiffed by the RAF.  When they heard they were handing the place over, all funding for maintenance and improvements obviously stopped.  As a result, a number of facilities are a bit run down.  Unfortunatley there is never enough money to go round to fix everything up at once.  Obviously it will take a little time to put right.

I concur with Bencher, it would be good if the bowling alley were to open.  I believe the contract has gone to NSS to refurbish and run..........I guess it will open some in in 2005!! :) :)

And for Bull......a standard minidish will work.  However it all depends on the siting of your quarter.  If you are shooting through a wood, get out the Agent Orange.  You may be lucky.....don't forget to get permission from the SSO's office before you put it up though. ;D ;D
I understand that a lot of people think Elmpt station is currently improving and being modernised but these more optimistic thoughts are obviously from people that are actually quartered on Javelin Barracks, some people who are whingeing about housing should come and visit Wildenrath which is more akin to downtown Sarajevo.
Hopefully the mythical beast that is Project Puma will visit Wildenrath, and my family and I will actually see some tangible benefit prior to my posting in the mean time I hope the station commander is particularly proud of his pile of bricks with a jimmy on it.

Less bun fights and empire building and more improvements for all
Scrat man....i tend to agree with you about the station commanders pile of bricks with the jimmy on top, i guess thats where this years budget went  ;D
never the less, i believe the bowling alley is opening 16th december, however they never stated which year......... :p

Rome wasn´t built in a day, but must we wait a decade for Javelin Barracks to be built to a standard that brings us into the 21st century???  :-/
Thanks Undertaker,

Agent Orange, excellent remark, not sure how much Den Deutchen Volk would agree to that one!!


...in the mean time I hope the station commander is particularly proud of his pile of bricks with a jimmy on it...
...I tend to agree with you about the station commanders pile of bricks with the jimmy on top, I guess thats where this years budget went...
I don't think anyone will disagree with you about the pile of bricks.  So 16 Sig Regt used to have a wall at JHQ - that makes building a new one a sensible use of funds... Not.  (And allegedly Regtl PRI funds, at that...  Aren't they meant to be used for the benefit of soldiers?  Or am I being naïve???)

(To be fair to the Stn Comd, though - it was his illustrious, much-loved predecessor who was in command when the Regt moved from JHQ.  The present guy arrived in April 2002 after the wall was built.)
While I wholeheartedly believe that Javelin Barracks is an excellent posting and we are VERY happy here - I have to agree with scrat about Wildenrath.

No such luck with the Naafi opening hours - 2200hrs on Javelin and open till 1800hrs on Wildenrath (if you're lucky).  Run out of essentials after that and you're on your own - although even if it is open most of the 'fresh' produce is rancid.  A run-down families club for entertainment, that nobody visits because it's a dump and the beer is overpriced.  Teenagers running riot, burgling houses, vandalising cars and generally making a nuisance of themselves

My advice to anyone being posted to Elmpt Station, is BEG for a quarter on Javelin Barracks and accept a quarter at Wildenrath at your peril.
WRAC you are so right...... :mad: Wildenrath is the biggest hole ever, as you were saying the naafi is very poor and also a hell of a walk from the quarters.
everyone take WRAC advice and dont move there !!
Whether anything is being done about Wildenrath is a mystery, but the place needs serious help.

It's right that the Naafi is a long walk from the MQs, it's a two mile round trip from my house.   When you get there the fresh produce is already mouldy (probably rejected from the Gucci Naafi at Javelin).  It's OK for me, I can drive and I can shop elsewhere, but the wives that can't drive are stuck, quite literally, in the middle of a forest that's in the middle of nowhere.  And God help them if their Husband goes on Ops.

Still, mustn't grumble......!
im not sure if the housing office addresses the facts to all people who are posted in to Jav Bks and maybe accomodated in wildenrath, but wrac is right if your wife doesnt drive then you may end up with problems or pulling your hair out, it is in the middle of know where  ::)

I was told that the Bks are filling up and most are going to Wilders.  As some have said, this can be a bit horrible.

A bit of a secret is Bruggen-Bracht which is 40+ MQs that were going back to the Germans, however the Army have decided to keep them.  They are in a lovely small town and very nice, but the catch of course is your wife must want to live out of the Brit Community.  You have to ask for one and I believe they are going quick.  Should you need more info message me.

scaley if im right in thinking, you cannot get TDSL on wilders in not sure about idsn, i know they are looking into it for wilders but as for getting TDSL on camp its quite hard to, for anyone reading this that wants TDSL on camp dont go through JHQ phone warehouse for it as they cant do it, but the phone shop in elmpt does it for camp, which is located by the chinese restaurant.
Scaleysod at the moment there is no broadband internet but apparently someone on JHQ has started a trial down on Javelin Barracks and if successful is going to extended the service to Wildenrath.
But a word to the wise get the bribing in quick should be easier if your an adult i.e. above the rank of Corporal as they seem to get better treatment on quarter allocations no doubt this will spark more arguments but thats how it has seemed to work around here.
a thousand Brits coming to live in a centralised point in Germany
You have missed the point. When Bruggen was RAF it was one unit of oodles of thousands of men and therefore entitled to lots. Now it is Elmpt it comprsies two regiments and each regiment is entitled to a lot less than lots and so oodles have to go. Now that we have two regiments co-located we can share facilties and therefore we can reduce to half of a lot less than lots. Now then, when I am an O and then entitled to become an RO I will consider regiments as made up of squadrons and squadrons are entilted to a lot less than regiments so lots can go. Because many squadrons are colocated we can go share facilties and we can reduce by a lot more. I hope a senior official from the treasury reads this. Not only will it all make sense to him but he may offer me a job, hopefully on commissison of the oodles I can save.

trying to make sense of your comment, and i hope i got it right, then i hope u dont get offered a job, why make reductions?? isnt the army on its tightest budget its ever seen maybe steming back to the second world war, also as there are two regiments in javelin bks, i dont think it will be to long before they are disbanded to come under just the one name 1 signal bde, i believe thats the way its going  ???

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