Java Vulnerability

There's been a bit about this on the news lately, so I have now disabled Java on my broswer.

Attackers are now exploiting a Java zero-day vulnerability - Computerworld

Apart from my netbank which I know uses it, how much net content is going to be unavailable to me while I have Java switched off?

How big a risk do you think Java is at present? Have you disabled it?

Some programs use Java, I know some that I use do. If you just un-install Java those programs will no longer work. It is up to you if you want to go that far.

The other option is just to disable it in your browser. This will mean that applets in websites visited will no longer work, which may or may not be acceptable. If there are some sites that you use, and those sites are trusted, disable Java on your day to day browser and have it enabled on another that you should only use to visit those trusted sites.

For your average user there shouldn't really be much risk, but it is prudent to take reasonable steps to protect yourself where you can and wait for the security patch to be released.

It is worth pondering on something though. Microsoft may have had much worse security issues in the past. The US Govt and many other institutions have not made as much noise about them and they certainly haven't suggested everyone just un-install Microsoft products. In fact with most of their security problems nobody was made aware of them until after the patch was released. Microsoft released the language .Net to rival Java and there may not be as much take up on it as they wished. Microsoft have just reported their first loss figures in years. It maybe just coincidence.
Don't confuse 'Java' and 'Javascript', they are two completely different things.

Java is required to run Java applets which are embedded in to some websites.

JavaScript is a scripting language that has nothing to do with Java and doesn't require Java to be installed in order for the script to be run from within HTML.

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