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I was having trouble with my computer, so I called in Jason the
twelve year old kid from next door. ( whose bedroom looks like Mission Control from Star-Trek) I explained the problem to him and after a few minutes at the keyboard he'd sorted everything out.
I gave him a fiver and as he was leaving, I said "So, what was wrong? "
He replied it was an "I. D. Ten. T" error.
Not wanting to seem stupid in front of the kid, I nonetheless asked, " An "I. D. Ten. T" error. ? What's that,? in case I need to fix it again.
Jason grinned and said ....."You mean you don't know what an
"I. D. Ten. T" error is?"
"No" I replied.
"Write it down" he said, "I think you'll work it out then."
So I wrote down I.D.!0.T.
I used to like Jason ...........The little bastard.......... :oops:

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