Jason Statham to Star in The Feather Men - Sorta

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TheNutlessMonkey, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Empire Magazine amongst others have just annonuced that The Stath will be starring in a film based on The Feather Men by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

    The only scary thing is the blurg says he'll be playing an ex-Navy Seal but British SF 8O

    This is going to go one of two ways...

    So The Killer Elite, are you going to watch it when it graces our screens/shelves?
  2. I would watch the test card if he was in it!!! :hump:
  3. Whilst I am glad that Mr Statham (and Bruce Willis) made shaved/balding socially acceptable for white guys... as I am amongst the follically challanged myself..... I dont really rate his acting ability.

    As an 'action star' he is great... just as long as he doesnt get too many complex lines. (And before anyone brings Lock Stock/Snatch up, the 'mockney gangster' role is one he has mastered, I am aware of that).
  4. Jason Statham is good at the mockney blah blah roles....

    But can he do Ffiennes?

    How about Hugh "floppy fringe" Grant with Jason doing the voice over?

    Much like Dave "Green Cross Code" Prowse was dubbed by James Earl Jones as Darth Vader.
  5. He has all the acting ability of a wind sock.

    However, the minge seem to hang off his every word and if I'm not mistaken didn't he get amongst Kelly Brook.
  6. The Strath did, indeed, bash the devine Ms Brook's back doors in. :drool:

    We are not worthy! :worship:
  7. Watch yer spelling there mate!!!

    Some folk might infer he nailed Sydney Devine and not the DIVINE Kelly...

    Ken whit a mean gadjy??
  8. Sparky, not even GOD knows what you mean! :D :lol:
  9. Potential B Movie with bone "stars". Isn't Statham one of those fick Bouncer types from the er, Ritchie stable? Oh dear. As opposed to the articulate professional with class... Bet the old Boy author is really pleased 8O
    Straight to DVD then...
  10. Aye, God might noa, but he isny a townie...

    Embra festival and Fringe aw you townies can speak in tongues.

    Greyfriars Bobby Mate? Aye his shrine is jist up here...

    As ye lead them up the Inch.
  11. Just as long as you don't lead them up Carlton Hill, mate. :wink:
  12. You're not from Edinburgh are you.....

    going by the nudging and winking, I think you mean Calton Hill.

    (Or so I have heard).
  13. Pompey Jock,..

    I live to the west of Embra. On the south bank of the Forth atwixt the Rail n Road bridges...

    Bo'ness originally :D :D
  14. That's very interesting... but if you follow the quotes, I was replying to Werewolf, who had referred to Carlton Hill

  15. I know Ran quite well.The Feathermen did not go down well with the SF/Oman community and got him rusticated from the SF Club.Now to be a film? Whoops.Keep away.