Jason Edward GARRETT RIP

RIP brave man.
Sad to hear that a great man has done a great thing that costs the greatest price. He was once there for me at christmas/ New year a few years back now and his family helped when they did not need to. I wish i could help them now with what must be a horrible time.


I am proud to say that I knew Jay as a mate, workmate & neighbour a few years ago. Devastated to hear that he's gone. What a waste. RIP mate. My thoughts go to D & the girls.


Aye sad to hear about Jay!!! I served with him in 2Bn FRG and he was on same recruiters course as me. Good lad and sadly missed.


Sad loss, he was one of my fitter section at divulgy barracks Split before he became a regular soldier, then at 2 Bn good guy and tradesman.


So sad to read about you Jay brought a tear to my eye :cry:
Served with you in 2Bn Prod Pln before you went to FRG
great man so sadly missed
Thoughts go out to your family
RIP mate your at peace now


I am Proud to say i served with Ja on telic 1, with C squadron SDG, he was a top Bloke, you will be Missed by all who new you, RIP,