Jarrod vs Afghan Kandak - Gladiator Match!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Knightwars4, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. In a no forfeit, everything goes gladiator fight.:D

    Who's missus want's to be the match point bird?

    <Me thinks we should have Bravo_Bravo's bird as the prize>
  2. Lay off the crack will you? There's a good fellow.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. will start out as basic push and shove and degenerate into rim jobs and reach arounds.
  5. Surely handbags at 10 paces
  6. AAGF


    You missed out Cattiness and Handbags at 5 paces ...
  7. What's this dribbling shite? Ahhh it's school holidays.
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  8. Can AK can use his trusty E-Coli tipped kebab knife?
  9. I got a nice big katyusha ready to land on your council flat and I hope it eradicates your slutty sister and your over weight trash can of a mother.
  10. Oh dear,!! Looks like there are invites to "Bitch Fest 2011" being handed out, where is it being held this time? The public toilets behind the kindergarten? Will need to bring my knitting if it is going to be as dreary as last year's event.

    Better idea, you are all invited to watch as I ram a pineapple up the OP's sphincter, spiky end first!! All proceeds go to "Help 4 Heroes" charity.
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  11. Shouldn't you be studying ready to get your Phd and running ultra distance races in between watching teletubbies and spending your 50p pocket money on penny sweets?
  12. Hole please mod.
  13. Rats. I was hoping it was an announcement of a real bitch fight. I haven't seen a good hair pulling and face-slapping in months. ;-)

  14. Please do. You could always ram the needles in my eyes to prevent any more reading of your tedious fucking bollocks.
  15. Sis has no idea what a "big katyusha" is but she says she fancies a nosh on it for a cheesy falafel.

    I warned her about the E-Coli infestation but she says she's bult up immunity.