Jarod Hammond 22yr goodbye

Discussion in 'REME' started by Drnkbstd, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    Sorry to bug people, i've been dicked with doing Hammy Hammond's 22yr leaving speech on weds 14th Nov, got told on Fri as usual, anyone got any really tasty stories to tell, i'm sure as a rech mech he has

  2. remember the golden rule what we dont know about people we have to make up, this guy was a good lad,
    but hey you can get him worried just add lines that include dustcoat, clipboard,busy doin nothing,always clean and couldnt be found when you wanted him ohh and he always got the early bus home lol, watch his face,
    change the name in a joke and make out its him. I will pm you with a stunt you can use if he is still in uniform worked a treat back in 89 on mad dog mutton 5armd frg33 when he was geting out
  3. Mad dog Mutton, what a character...!
  4. Just sent you a PM about him.

    I have tried not to bury him.

  5. Remember the night him and fitz got pi$$ed down my cellar bar and they ended up in the swing park mad dog fellover on the swings and ended up with gravel rash all over LOFAO did we not bazzin times or Wot, Biff nicked the sloppos webbing and was seen marchin home then sheepishly brought it back next day Yeeha
  6. might b same hammy i was at 7 armd with.he was a cfn then.1985.cant remember him ever gettin up to anythin,cos i think he was married n stayed in a lot