Jarheads Recce Team Score Own Goal with SS Banner

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andy_S, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    As a fighting force I respect The Corps as much as anyone and even had a smidgen of sympathy for the blokes in the "let's pish-all-over-the-dead-Taliban" incident.

    This, however is ridiculous.

    Marine SS photo riles major U.S. Jewish group - CBS News

    The Jarheads' Head Shed clearly also think so, as they simply won't admit that their lads know anything about the historical role of the SS - and after all - SS just stands for "Scout Sniper," right?

    Of course. So who chose the font? Gunnery Sergeant Dirlewanger, or was if Private First Class Peiper?

    Curious to hear what our man JJ has to say on this matter as the accused - a handy-looking bunch, it must be said - are his old mob. (I think.)

    Curious trivia:
    As well as being aggressive, assault-focused military elites, the USMC and the Waffen SS share near-identical mottos:
    Beach stormers: "Always Faithful"
    Panzer knackers: "My Honor is Loyalty"
  2. "SS runes" no I can't see there being a problem there!
  3. Its bad enough that a significant and ancient religious symbol has been taken out of use by its association with Nazi Germany. Do we really need to lose the ability to abbreviate the terms Scout Sniper, Super Sports etc etc and use a nice clear font as well.
  4. Another outstanding effort by the Septics there....
  5. When are the Jews going to get over it? It was nearly 70 years ago.
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  6. Sempre Fi'? Sempre****ed-up!
  7. Look at the picture. It's not just the letters SS together that they have a problem with. It's the logo that the SS used.

    Although, it does sound like a case of stupidity rather than malice.
  8. The Corps get away with so much as the rest of the US military knows that USMC is an abbriviation for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children!
  9. Noting that their defence seems to be that they're too thick and ignorant to understand the meaning of that symbol, I was about to make some cruel and labouredly humorous remark about American youth and their education system. I decided not to when I realised that the Flower of English Youth would themselves be little if any better informed than their transatlantic cousins.
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  10. Unless these guys have been goosestepping their way around Afghanistan with this flag flying high, looking for Jews to gas, then I really don't see the point of getting excited about this.

    They've mis-used a historical flag to use as a "cool" prop for their sub unit ID in, what looks to be personal photos. Plenty of units, including the RN, use historical flags that could be percieved as offensive by the easily offended. I can't see our "regional allies" being too outraged, seeing as the average Afghan can't even ID their own national flag.
  11. A very sensible post that ruins taking the piss for the rest of us. Thank you!

    God, this morning is dragging!
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer



    "Is Boris Johnson Hitlers secret love child" from the lentil botherers. Storm in a teacup generated by people who should try to get out of the house more.
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  13. Given that the same runes were used years ago in the KISS logo (band not Prince song) and half the band are Jewish, people need to calm down a bit.

    We'll be complaining about members of the royal family in fancy dress next.................wait a minute.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the tip. I'm off to play their records backwards and find out exactly what it is the devil wants me to do - the usual instruction is to mrrrrghwurpthrrrrraaaaaaaaagggg and, paradoxically, it usually takes a committed Christian to decipher it.
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  15. Hmm?..I think that they knew perfectly well where those 'SS Runes' came from and what they represent, but being young and stupid - as we all have been - they simply thought that it looked uber cool, as already mentioned by HTD.

    The fact that there may even be Jewish soldiers in that Platoon and certainly Bn, will hopefully tell us that they don't actually following the ethos of the Third Reich....then again it is America?

    How many of us have given a jokey Hitler salute from the cupola of our AFV's whenever we passed eachother?.....what? surely I wasn't the only one?

    Let's face it, when on active service, we tend not to worry too much about normal social airs and graces.

    Trouble is that somewhere, someone will be mighty offended by it and yet again, a strict order will come down from CoC re any type of 'Naughty Boy' symbol being worn.

    I'd put it down to boyish stupidity, give 'em 10 extras each and no ice cream for a week.

    *Glad that so far, no one has replied to Knob end Tober's blatant wah (even if he does probably think what he wrote...maybe he'd like to see his own children or white haired mum/nan being beaten, stripped and murdered by a thug and would then think that x amount of years after the event, we should just forget about it? )