Guys and Gals, what the hell just happened on the Jargon site. BDB or MDN or Muttley please let me know what the f**k happened?
Are they the same names on there?


Debate on the Guantanamo Bay prisoners thread.
Lots of very thought provoking posts.
All going good....
then LVN got personal and told me to post parcels if i wasn't happy :roll:
I ignored that one :D and continued to debate.
She then told me I was a hypocrite :roll:
I asked her if it was a debate or a slanging match and to not insult me but stick to the points raised.
She banned me and deleted the thread.
Shame- as it was a great debate.
Maybe she thinks I'm a terrorist for holding a differing view to her :lol:
Scary Lady..bit like her president :roll:

No Carlos..I'm backdoorbinty the resident whore on there :lol: ..but this was a totally sensible debate. She's a blankety blank that's all. 8O


I am badgerwife, please post your comments on the thread that says banned? with my reputation...... this is for blondebint OK ! need to bolster the viewing figures for this thread........ come on you know it makes sense :lol: They cant ban one of the arrse ladies and get away wiv it cant they? :wink:
mean CAN THEY lol ok lippy slip of the tongue....... and no comments you lot :lol:
Well obviously they have freedom of speech over there, as long as it toes the Party Line....
I agree with you all, the thread was getting very interesting. Its a shame that the site would not let the debate continue. I think that LNV is a little old grey haired lady who calls eveyone "sweetie" or "sugar". I mean she was a navy person back in the good ol' days of Vietnam.

Lets not get out of hand with this. Please let reasonable heads prevail here. The Jargon site is a reasonably good one that reflects the current thinking of our American allies, so, in the interests of cross-ocean relations let it be.

Just my 2 cents worth...............KENR
I just tried to do a post and was told I was "broussard" ! What ever the ook that means!

Grrrrr! :x


KENR said:
The Jargon site is a reasonably good one that reflects the current thinking of our American allies, so, in the interests of cross-ocean relations let it be.
Kenr you'd sacrifice me for the sake of anglo/spam relations?!!! 8O :lol:
Fuck that! Nuke the bastards! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Blondebint.......I love ya honey, but come on, LNV is probably in tears right now dreading what may happen to her website. Lets not break the site apart, its quite entertaining and they seem to actually like us!!! :lol:

Lets bury the hatchet and not in each others head 8O :twisted:
is that not a type of womens underwear

Maybe! :twisted: Do you have it in your drawer?

If you ask BB nicly enough I'm sure she will lend you one for you to...... play with.

Now I know what you meant when you said you couldn't wait to get home and get the wife's underware off. I thought it was so you could give her a sorting out, but no, it meant YOU could take it off cos it was hurting you! :lol:
Bad luck BB. :(

Lippy, I have managed to respond to your thread.

I'm up at 5am................again :(, so can't hang around to see what happens.

Will check in tomorrow.


KENR said:
Lets bury the hatchet and not in each others head 8O :twisted:
That would involve me being unbanned...sweetie :lol:
Methinks the spams need to learn about cause and effect....
If you invade a country you need to have thought it through and be willing to stick around to clear up afterwards.
You insult and ban a brit from a website?..you have to undo the ban, apologise and grovel.
It's ever so basic.
It's about time the word accountability was mentioned!
So guys, what do I have to do to be able to post on the spam's website?
I have logged in my username and password, it seams to acept me and then when I want to make a very witty comment, oh, thats it then. Doh!

No really, how do I do it?
Blondebint.......contact Rocketeer at the3rdeastkent@hotmail.com with your version of what happened. He seems quite keen to patch things up.
I cant help as I know not what transpired......Please contact him so that relations can be restored to acceptable levels......Thanks......Ken
It appears, as I speak, the sensible mods over there are having a look and making a rational desicion. I think all those that were present on that fateful night a week or so ago when the LNV old dear tipped up over here and caused a bit of a fuss will realise just what kind of Doris she is. It is afterall her site, proclaimeing her view of the world. Or B? Thank feck there are some realistic mods who will use a bit of common dogfeck. I feel LNV needs to have here mod status revoked as she is not using her powers wisely. Freek.
Be kind, Flash, she may not have been a Mod for very long. I'm just disappointed that LNV didnt have the balls to admit that she was wrong.

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