Jargon Down?

Discussion in 'US' started by wotan, Oct 20, 2004.

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  1. Maybe my computer at work is just having a glitch (I certainly hope so), but I can't access the GIJargon site. All I get is a screen showing the root directory. Has the site been attacked again? Anyone have the duff gen on this one?
  2. Just got the latest update from WT. Jargon was hacked pretty bad. They are working on getting the site back up, but it may take a couple of weeks.

    Jargon is down, but not out. I'll post updates (as I get them) on this thread.
  3. Great stuff, Corp (about the updates, not the site being hacked). I can't figure what I could contribute to help out, but if Staff figures there is something folks can do, let us know. Perhaps you could let them know we are all behind them and that we appreciate the amount of BS they have to put up with to provide us with the site.

    Well, I guess it's time to pull up a chair, open the beer cooler and gather folks around the fire. So, who's got the first tall tale?
  4. I'll send cookies and beer if that helps any :?

    Thanks for the updates, Corp :wink:
  5. bummer, somebody definatly hates Jargon with all the hit's it's been taking. It was going so well too.
    Beer and chips c-mom, if you please.
  6. 8O Thanks, Cpl -- Got your email this morning. Am glad that we have an adopted home here on Arrse, otherwise, I wouldn't have any place to rant at CS and Scwriter. Well, not Scwriter so much any more. Tried most of the day yesterday to get onto jargon but got the same resuts you guys did. Good to see you CMom and Wotan. Spoke with ctauch a little earlier. I really think the DNC is behind all the site troubles....I ought to hear from someone for that. Talk with you later. JQ
  7. :D Hey, Mech -- Glad you got here too. I'll have the coffee ready soon. JQ
  8. I could use it. The intravenous feeder ain't working :D
  9. Hey JQ,

    Its a good thing u enjoy my rants :D.

    C-Mom Can I get some cookies and milk :x !
  10. What you need is a swift kick in the crack of your @ss :twisted:
  11. And u need to get someone to stop u from hacking sites that DONT LIKE U!!! :twisted:
  12. You accusing me of something?? You should keep your fecking mouth shut when you know not what is fact.

    Now off with you you fecking twit :twisted:
  13. Yes I am accusing u of something U Feckin Cnut! All those problems started showing up right after u were kicked out for Feckin with WT and BaseCo. If you had some respect for them and respect to all the time they gave this site for you to have fun then this wouldnt have been happenin now! You got to be ashamed of urself! :evil:
  14. There you go again you gobby sprog.

    You need to learn when to keep your big trap shut...firmly.

    You keep being given sound advice by people bigger and with alot more life experience than yourself yet you continually ignore them.

    Come on here gobbing off like a schoolboy and you'll be dealt with like one.
  15. :roll: Come up with the evidence that Ctauch is responsible for the sites demise or wind your neck in.