Jargon down?

Yep - for once you are right.

Did you overload it with gay porn links
Fcuk me sideways You are as sharp as a marble. I have only been a mod six months and you have noticed - they don't call you lighting for nowt do they ??
Corporal said:
I can't get on, anyone else having this problem? Keeps giving me a timing out error.
I think ctauch did because he is having to spend all his time changing nappies. :D

We are working on getting it back on line. I have been gone and just got back, don't know how Long it has been down. Hope to have fixed soon.
Seems to be down today. All I get is a directory screen. Anyone able to log on?
I'm also just getting a directory screen. Last night, just around midnight, I tried to log on, but just got the directory screen listing all of the contents on the server! As I remember, that was at 12:09 last night. I went back at 12:15 or so and nothing was listed, just the parent directory.

Either way, best of luck to the staff in getting it all back. I'd hate to think that our hacker came back and deleted the staff's hard work! 8O :evil:
Damn digital playgrounds anyway :roll: Get you addicted and then cut your supply :lol: :lol:

Hope it's fixable. It seems a few of my favorite haunts are having issues today. :?
It would certainly seem that the site has been visited by the ****-up Fairy. Is anyone in touch with Staff? If they've decided to pull the plug, it would just be nice to know. If some hacker is playing games, I wonder if they will put the site back up?

BTW, I would just like to say "Thanks" to the folks here at ARRSE for once again giving us shelter for a bit. Very good of them and very much appreciated.
wotan it seems par for the course lol
didnt this happen a few weeks back also? or was i drunk at the time...... ok ok no need to answer that one :wink:
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