Jaqui Smith to become Baronness and join Browns cabinet

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Holdfast, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Just thought I would give some of you a heart murmur. :D
  2. Fcuking Barsteward.

    Nothing more to say
  3. You fucking wanker!

    I nearly had a fit at reading that! 8O :evil:
  4. It says a lot for the 'ethics' and 'honesty' of Zanu Labour that this statement would not be met with outright disbelief.
  5. Ditto..........uncalled for on a Friday lunchtime mate.
  6. Oh, how I laugh. :D
  7. CNUT! :p
  8. Thank you. 8)
  9. Only cabinet he'll be having soon is the one in his house were with any luck the mess webley is
  10. Are you trying to scare the sh1t out of us?

    I'll go with what oldcolt said.

  11. Holdfast

    You sir are a twat of the first water :D
  12. Yes,

  13. I aim to please :D
  14. Thx ... just wasted a beer.. most of it ending on my laptop....You now owe me 1 x Chang

  15. Having been ousted as an MP she is now sitting at home with her husband watching his selection of porno movies that were paid for by the taxpayer.