Japs planning Pearl Harbour 2??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bradstyley, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Not the sh1tty film, the Japs building larger aircraft carriers then their new 'Helicopter-carrying destroyers' apparently...

  2. What's this? A maritime nation with substantial seaborne trade interests building ships needed to safeguard its sea lines of communication?

    Madness, don't they know aircraft carriers aren't needed any more!

  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The Japanese are looking at China's development of carrier ops with a little bit of discomfort.

    But yet again the Japs are copying the Brits. We do Taranto, they do Pearl Harbour. We do Through Deck Cruisers they do helicopter-carrying cruisers." Copycats
  4. China won't be happy.

    Japan spends just under 1% of GDP on defence and if they upped that they would be right up there at No 2 on the big stick-o-meter
  5. A matelot I was talking to some time ago said that that is exactly what they did for a long time. When we had a Navy!
  6. The Imperial Japanese Navy was originally based off Royal Navy instructors and concepts, much like their army was developed from a Prussian basis....
  7. All true, RM. Up until 1945 the Imperial Japanese Navy was closely modelled on the RN- to the point where until the First world War most of their major ships were designed and built here.

    Mikasa, the only surviving pre-dreadnought battleship (and IJN Flagship at the battle of Tsushima) was built in Newcastle.


    Edited to add a pic
  8. By many basic measures, the JMSDF (not a "Navy", but a "Maritime Self-Defence Force...) is, on numbers, second perhaps only to the United States as a naval power. They are second to the US Navy in Escorts (FF/FFG/DD/DDG) and may of the newer AEGIS destroyers are more capable than the US versions they were based upon. They have more submarines than the UK or France, admittedly they are all non-nuclear boats but it must be noted as diesel-electrics they are world class. As noted by a previous poster, the Japanese are an island nation dependent on imported raw materials and exported finished goods (just as we were when we made anything of note...) the fact they are now beginning to deploy "Helicopter Carrying Destroyers" is a natural progression, and whilst they are "Carrier like" in appearance they are not "strike" weapons by any stretch of the imagination. If they do opt for F-35 in the future they will be in limited numbers more akin to the air-group of a Wasp class LPD and would act, firstly, as a CAP for the vesell and the task group accompanying it and secondly as a land-attack back up like our Sea Harriers in the Falklands. As ASW carriers they are logical and the best "fit" for a Japan that would rightly fear a (Chinese?) "U-Boat blockade" like the one endured by the UK in WWII and the one prosecuted by the US Navy against Japan in the same war, with arguably more effective results...

    All in all a nice headline, but not something for Josh Hartnett and that ginger bloke from "Train Spotting" to worry about...
  9. Don't underestimate the Japanese, they are nothing if not ambitious.


    Space Battleship Yamato :wink:
  10. I bet it turns in to a robot.
  11. Good luck to them....a sesible nation these days looking after their own strategic interests.

    Can I come back as Japanese next time??


  12. OK, but remember, if you screw up on the job at the least you will be expected to resign and plenty of Japanese still off themselves in shame when they **** up.
  13. Wish our lot did.
  14. The Mikasa was buit in Barrow in Furness


    Other ships in this class were launched in Elswick Newcastle.

  15. DG, bugger. I stand corrected.