Japanese WWII soldier found alive

Could be many reasons, and not neccesarily those of the war crime nature. Given that he has a wife and raised kids also. Maybe he just didn't want to go back due to hte shame or similar.
Rumrunner said:
Japanese WWII soldier found alive

An ex-Japanese soldier who disappeared after World War II and was officially declared dead in 2000 has turned up alive in Ukraine, officials say.


I wonder why he would have wanted to stay in the Ukraine? Answers on a beer mat please KGB Resident………lol
He stayed in the Soviet Union. Probably he met Ukrainian lass then he was a POW. Recently I heard similiar story about another Japanese soldier.

There are not many Russians of Japanese descent. Though Irina Hakamada (daugter of Japanese communist) won 4% on the last Russian presidential elections in 2004.
This is worth a read.


In 1944, Lt. Hiroo Onoda was sent by the Japanese army to the remote Philippine island of Lubang. His mission was to conduct guerrilla warfare during World War II. Unfortunately, he was never officially told the war had ended; so for 29 years, Onoda continued to live in the jungle, ready for when his country would again need his services and information. Eating coconuts and bananas and deftly evading searching parties he believed were enemy scouts, Onoda hid in the jungle until he finally emerged from the dark recesses of the island on March 19, 1972
During the 30 years that Onoda had remain hidden on Lubang island, he and his men had killed at least 30 Filipinos and had wounded approximately 100 others. After formally surrendering to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Marcos pardoned Onoda for his crimes while in hiding.
There was another case of a POW turning up in Russia about a year or 2 ago. As he had spoke a foreign language that no-one understood locally they thought he was mad and had been in an asylum since the end of the war turns out he was from Rumania or Hungary the story was carried by the BBC

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