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Japanese Vehicles Smoke Grenades

Hi everyone, I'm a student doing research into Vehicle Smoke Grenades used by Military's all over the world.
I know Mitsubishi Heavy Industries make all their military land vehicles. But does anyone know who manufactures their smoke launchers and what calibre of smoke grenades the japanese military use?

Since you mention the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (check out Komatsu as well), I assume you are interested in modern equipment in current use.

The smoke grenade launchers to be seen on the Type 90 tank, the Type 89 IFV and the several LAV and recce vehs are most likely Rheinmetall 76mm "Nebelwurfkörper", the same as used on the leopard 2, the Canadian LAV III etc etc.

Let us know what your further studies show!
Thanks for the replys everyone. I think you could be right "Sun_Too", i knew it would be 76mm or 81mm i just didnt know which.

I did see the article on lonesentry "Dragship" but considering how old the information was i didnt really want to use it.

To answer your question "Sun-Too". Most Nato European countries use 76mm smoke while the UK and US use 66mm smoke. Canada uses 76mm. The Eastern European bloc countries eg. Ukraine and Russia use 81mm. While the middle eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia source vehicles from many countries hence use all three sizes 66/76/81mm.

Thank You

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