Japanese Slaughter of Dolphins.

Just to clarify , the link points to video of Dolphins being slaughtered.
But dolphin meat is tasty!
As a hunter, I deplore the inhumanity of the killings - they should be afforded a quick death. However, I see nothing wrong in killing them for their meat. mmmm...dolphin burger was one of the best things I've ever eaten.


While I'm not normally one to sign petitions this is totally uneccessary and barbaric. Signed and passed on.
Off to sign, the Japs are keen for a return to commercial whaling and need a swift kick up the arrse.


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makes me sad to be of the same race as those that do that...
At least they didn't make the dolphins build a railway bridge first!


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Supposedly dolphins, like most cetaceans, are very intelligent. They looked pretty stupid to me. I mean, this happens every year yet none ever catch on? Surely this means they don't pass the Darwinian fitness test. :thumbdown:
Dolphins, apart from being incredibly intelligent, loyal to their mate and offspring are also delicious shallow fried with cous cous and ginger.

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