Japanese radiation found in UK?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. How do they know it's Japanese? Did it have slitty eyes and little atomic headbands with the rising sun on it, as it threw itself into the Geiger counter screaming banzai? :D
  2. Low levels of radioactive iodine believed to be
    had picked up the particles which they believe could be from the plant.

    So they don't actually KNOW then??
  3. Wouldn't it be picked up by other nuclear plants first i.e like Forsmark picked up the first signs that something had gone tits up at Chernoybl ? In face given radiation dispersion I would think that Forsmark would have picked it up this time if it did originate from Fukushima.

    "So it might just be worth the people checking there that this is not some slight release, just above background, associated with people washing their pharmaceuticals down the drains in Scotland". - lets be honest its fecking Glasgow and this is probably the reason why
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    If Clancy is to be believed (okay, okay ... ), see The Sum of all Fears iirc, transuranide elements are traceable. He claimed in this book that They were able to identify the plant where a nuke had nearly killed the president at the Superbowl and were astonished to discover it was from a bomb "given" to the Israelis and lost during the Yom Kippur War (iirc) when in a moment of crisis they prepared for Op Jericho, the final solution to turn the invading Arabs around, only for the bomb to fall off and get lost.
  5. That would be by looking at the chemical and isotopic composition of a particular piece of solid fallout; the ratios of uranium and plutonium isotopes and also the chemical and isotopic composition of daughter species in the solid fallout sample. Sadly you can't do that fingerprinting with a single isotope, in this case iodine-131 :)
  6. It's probably from Calder Hall - Windscale - Sellafield, or whatever they call it since the latest disaster. That's the nuclear disaster run by pikeys in Cumbria. I wreckon they are using the distraction caused by the Japs to burn some old tires and nuclear waste on the beach.
  7. The weedgies will be fine.

    The radiation wont be able to get through the muck, fecking soap dodging bastards
  8. shush with the technical stuff you'se lot. I LIKE the mental image of little kamikaze iodine isotopes crashing into shit and screaming banzai!!
  9. It's also been deteced at the MRC labs up the road from me at Harwell (Didcot).

    Although watching TV yesterday, it's ****-all with regards to a hazard. It's somethign like 1/20 of what you would recieve in background radiation naturally every year anyway.

    Doesn't help we also have two decomissioned reactors and a secure nuclear material storage facility on the Harwell business site too :shock:
  10. Ah Johnboyzzz, radiation accelerates evolution by increasing the number of mutations per generation. Can you imagine the havoc when the Weedgies evolve opposable thumbs?
  11. Egad, you're right, it's already started:

  12. Does that mean they will be able to count next
  13. or climb trees?
  14. Looking at the effects in Japan I think tree climbing will not be a problem......