Japanese military forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 18, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Don't know for sure what their kit is like, but one would have imagined, given their reputation for high technology, that it would be pretty good.

    Interesting article, points to the changes in the Japanese psyche after WWII. They seem, till recently, to have had a pretty hands off approach to international relations. With the events of 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq over the past few years, plus N.Korea on their doorstep, they seem to be prepared to get a bit more involved, particularly in their region.

    It will interesting to see how they react when the first (inevitable) body bags come home...
  3. Last year we had some JASDF guys observing a large exercise in Alaska involving RAF E-3D AWACS, Harrier GR7s and VC10s.

    Whilst the Jap military is generally well equipped, they have little of the understanding or kit required to deploy on ops, and are somewhat tactically naive. They will need to invest heavily in this area if they can deploy and sustain a medium sized det beyond the Jap homeland.
  4. I believe a small contingent will be deploying to Iraq in the near future. Not sure as to their role but it will be a mile stone for them.
  5. Perhaps they can take over POW guard for Saddam (and maybe Ian Huntley too)??
  6. looks like the bridge and railroad building will get a boost :twisted:
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    In these enlightened times, will it be known as the 'Life Railway' ?
    :?: :twisted:
  8. a whole host of jappos massing in basra and shout " charge , banzai !!! "

    to be honest they seems to have lost the agression of WW2 which may or maybe a good thing ?
  9. Clearly you have never visited Knightsbridge Underground station, where waves of the little slitty-eyed blighters(c) launch themselves at packed trains after shopping expeds in Harrods.

    (c) Phil the Greek
  10. Didn't the Americans remake the Japanese army in their own image after WWII? Not a good omen pehaps.
    Seriously though what made them so nasty in WWII was the blind suicidal obedience to the Emperor, despite not having the best kit. Therefore does anyone know what the JSDF relationship to the Chrysanthamum Throne is these days? I know Akahito isn't a god anymore, but do they still have the same loyalty?
  11. If I was a nippon in 1941, I would have gladly chucked myself at the Americans. I feel they foresaw the way the yank empire was going. Did we?

    Anyway, Japs have more culture than the septics ever will have. Unless of course you include Disney or Hollywood.
  12. I believe that the JSDF have few links with the Emperor these days.

    They also get slightly too-interested in the technology sometimes. When they identified a need for a new fighter aircraft in the late 80's they decided that they wanted the F-16. However, this would be a new, Japanese-produced F-16 with a few more whistles and bells. Problem is that for the price of just 1 Mitsubishi F-2, you can get four brand new F-16Cs...

    Also, the public are a bit wary - the Defence Force cannot buy anti-shipping missiles. The Air Force got round this by purchasing 'Anti-landing craft missiles' which will blow any attacking Russian landing craft out of the water, which is the only thing that they've been bought to do. Honest, guv'nor-san...'
  13. while contemplating this "historic event" :roll: an interesting concept came to me...............

    Kamikaze Japanese V suicide bomber moslems mmmmmmm :lol: