Japanese intelligence operations

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bigdumps, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Just recently I was reading about the Russo-Japan war (1905) and discovered that the Japanese knew all the movements of Russian vessels by listening to their transmissions and so they trounced the Russians completely.

    This lead to me wondering about other intelligence operations, I am sure they must have conducted a vast number, what with annexing Korea, invading China and so on.

    Does anyone know other operations the Japanese carried out?
  2. Sidney Reilly - Ace of Spies!

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  3. in 1914 the japs providid the royal navy with info about the german chinese squadron under Graff von Spree wich ended at the battle of the falkland islands. they invaded the german base at Tsingtau and after a siege of 11 weeks took it ,2nd battalion 24th foot south wales borderers took part in this action. they then travelled around the pacific kicking the krauts off a number if german held islands and held these untill ww2 the krauts had built a realy good brewery in tsingtau and you can get it at the better chinky so one good thing came out of it
  4. One for the Things you never knew from History thread :D
  5. We were allies with Japan at the time - after the Boer War the UK noted that it had no allies bar the Commonwealth and, oddly enough, Portugal. An alliance with Japan was at least partly to offset hostile US (they'd recently annexed Hawaii which was under UK protection) and Russian influence in the Pacific and to release ships for home waters. Re intelligence operations Peter Elphick's "The Far Eastern File" covers Japanese and other activities 1930-45.
  6. I just finished reading The Far Eastern File and also Richard Deacon's 'Kempei Tai: A history of Japan's Secret Service'.

    In the Deacon book he tells us that the Japanese pioneerd the 'honeytrap'; they had a great number of brothels all over China where their employees used their womanly charms to get information (and blackmail) out of not only the communist Chinese but also the Kuomintang, the white Russians and the Soviets! The brothels were also used as safe houses and means to distribute their opium tipped ciggarettes, 'Golden Bat'.

    Such rascals! But how efficient, theres one bit of the book that talks about a colonel dressing up as a coolie in a dockyard so he can suss the place out. Blimey.
  7. Japanese intelligence during and after Japanese surrender in 1945. At the end of WW2 in the Far East, Malaysia and all round that area that had been under British control pre-war. The British Military used armed Japanese Soldier and NCOs in an IS role to keep law and oder until Civilian administrations could be rebuilt.

    The Japanes military had good lnowledge of the local Communist cells, personalities and dispositions. I know and elderly bloke who is 82 now. As a young 19 year old Guards Officer in late 1945 into 1946, he was in charge of a squad of armed Japanse troops who were used in a semi-police role for some time until these Japs were repatriated back to Japan.

    The Japanese Kempai Tai Secret Police were feared through the Japanese occupied territories. So it was useful to make use of their knowledge of the potential trouble makers that plagued the British authorities in Malaya and other places after the war.
  8. I am surprised so little is publish about the kempei tai, we often here about MI5, OSS, SOE etc but not the Japanese or the Chinese secret intelligence services.