Japanese import insurance

I have a hankering for a Japanese space wagon sort of thingy that Is at the right price but Insurance quotes are a bit steep.
My main problem is that despite not having an accident or claim for well, ever I appear not to have any no claims bonous due to the fact that my other motors are on classic and ex military vehicle policies.

Any Ideas/ good experiances with brokers for this sort of thing.
The problem with 'grey imports' is,although they might look the same inside,and out,they're not.

Case in point,I worked for a guy back in the 90's,who wanted a big FO Landcruiser,but it had to be petrol,went to a company in North London (Jemca),who imported it in from Japan (brand spanking),fabulous bit of kit,with the spare wheel on the back,instead of underneath the rear.

He thought the gearbox was a bit noisy,I said it's a 4x4,not a Roller,he got in touch with Toyota,down near Redhill,I took it down there,they ran it,and said it was fine,he insisted they had a look,so they took tthe transmission out,and put it on the floor,from Bellhousing to the back end was about 5',talking to the mechanic,he said the trans,and engine come from a small truck that Toyota make for the Japanese market,live with it!

That cost £1,500,a couple of months later,his missus was up in London,and crunched the rear nearside panel,and mashed the plastic wheel arch extensions,took it into the Toyota place he got it from,4 week wait,plastic parts £1,200 from Japan (different lugs,and fitting,although it looked exactly the same as the British version),every time he got something done,including services,it cost him a premium,because the parts weren't always in this country.

That's normally why grey imports cost more to insure than,normal imports,repair costs,that being said,there are,or were,a number of specialist insurers for grey imported cars,and bikes!
Like a lot of things, it depends on the economy of scale....if you want an NC30 it'll be cheap to run & insure, cos so many of them are in the country, they're easy to find in scrapyards....with more exotic stuff, the cost rises alarmingly. Don't forget as well, anything from overseas could need new headlights, exhaust system / ecu or whatever just to be road legal, and the depreciation will be terrible and all of that applies to parallel (EC spec to UK) and grey (outside EC spec) imports.
asking price is £589 quid s not bothered about any knocks I may give it. I just want it for about six months of graft as I'm moving. having said that it is nice to drive and has only 60000 on clock (2.7 diesel as well).

Jebus I'm a tight wad.
That'd be fair enough as long as you have 6 months ticket, you'd probably get the asking price back to boot, if you're canny

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