Japan wants to retract apology.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I presume he wants to plead guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of Nanking. And malicious damage to Pearl Harbour and Darwin.
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  2. They can do what they want about it now, it's a matter of record though what many of them actually did during the war starting with the atrocities in China etc and then, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour and their actions during the rest of the war until they got a couple of doses of instant sunshine.

    There is a part of me though that says, that is the past, let's look to the future but that doesn't include forgetting the crimes of the past and forgetting the lessons learned from them.
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  3. I'm wondering if, in some small way, the Japanese are getting pissed off with the Chinese ?

  4. Look for the bit about the extreme nationalists claiming it's all anti-Japanese propaganda and remember these types are affiliated to Abe's LDP.
  5. I think the Chinese may have something to say about that!
  6. And the Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Burmans, etc.

    The irony is, they've actually done a lot of practical things to make up for their little indiscretion in the 30s and 40s and a great many individuals and institutions have done sterling work in rebuilding their former conquests - but at a national level they just can't seem to say "Yep, our grandads were utter shits".
  7. Carrots !!! Little indescretions !!!! I believe that they hold the record, at Nanjing, for killing the greatest number of people in the shortest time. Perhaps apart from nuclear bombs. We all have to move on but they must not be allowed to forget the little bit that they choose to remember.Their women are absolute crackers though.
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  8. Batshit mental, each and every one of them.

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  9. If Mr Blair had been born Japanese, by now he'd have apologised for stealing US Plutonium in 1945.

    Right man in the wrong country.
  10. Let's see Abe-san last more than a fortnight first. Japan's PMs are rather revolving-door at the moment.
  11. The filthy, pufferfish-scoffing, panty-sniffing, schoolgirl-fixated freaks would do to remember that however hard they try, their sick bukakke antics are all over internetshire for all to witness... probably.
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  12. Don't forget the enema fetish where they squirt milk out their bum, that one is utterly disgusting. So my mate tells me anyway, I haven't seen it myself...

    Most Japanese people I speak to online openly deny their ww2 atrocities, Nanking was apparently communist propaganda and lies, it never happened. The problem is they really believe this to be the case too, Japanese school kids aren't taught the truth.

    So when some 'big nosed forriner' tries to tell them differently it's obviously a lie.

    How long, I wonder, before the truth is erased entirely?