Japan Told by IS $200Million Ransom Required For 2 Hostages


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They'll just have to sell more used schoolgirl panties then
As my Japanese wife just pointed out, pay 200 of the worst Yakaza mental cases you can find 1 million each and let em go sort things out......

Some problems with trigger fingers, but damn good with a sword.
Good to see these cnuts are so deeply religious they are prepared to take $200 million Satanic dollars. Presumably so they can burn them as yet another snub to the evil West, to show how little value they place on us, infidels that we are?

No, I didn't think so.
Somebody has forgotten to mention to these IS morons that Japan is financially skint.

They could use the 200 million they pledged to countries fighting ISIS.
But that would be racist and then where would we be?

In front of the telly soon to be watching Tojo and Hirohito get their heads sawn off. I wonder if Jihadi John will do both of them or if he'll get an offsider to help out?


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Have you seen the video of the fat Jap walt?
Even the arab watching him fumbling the AK looks bemused at his weapon handling skills.
Pity they didn't pick up thiose tow ex British Army numpties.

$200 million for a walt and a journo they'll be doing the world a favour sawing heir head off.

We'll know if Japan is serious about defeating ISIS when they announce plans to build a railway in the region



Well, now the Japanese will know what it's like to be the beheaded
They are very fatalistic and often appear heartless. Death to them is inevitable and not to be feared. Suicide rates in Japan are alarming, it is the leading cause of death in men aged 20–44.

Since 1993, 39 Japanese prisoners have been executed by hanging. Those condemned to death are given no notice at all, so for years live in absolute terror that the next time the jail cell opens they will be dragged out, cuffed, blindfolded and led to that little room at the end of the corridor. Then one night it happens.

They aren't going to blink about a couple of lads having some bother with ISIS.


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Piece on the world news this morning suggested the Japanese people don't realy care that much.
They're attitude is they knew what as going on and were warned about going.
I get the impression that Japan and ISIS don't differ too much on human rights
Re Haruna Yukawa:

Over the past decade, he has lost his wife to lung cancer, lost his military surplus business and his house to bankruptcy and been forced to live in a public park.

Feeling down, he changed his name to the female one Haruna, attempted to cut off his own genitals and claimed he was the reincarnation of a cross-dressing Manchu princess.

Top bloke to have next to you in a tight corner....
Is this a prerequisite to start a P*C in Syria - if he told you that in the tight corner 'pull the other one' springs to mind however a loose cannon in this situation could be a bloody good thing. Noone should give airtime to this pri*k, if instant cumbustion happens it should happen to him/now. Lower than a snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut and then some, look forward to him digging in with his eyelids when he rolls the dice for satanic $ one too many times....

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