Japan is preparing to be a leading military power again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. http://www.upi.com/InternationalIntelligence/view.php?StoryID=20051024-054452-4268r

    Foreseeable future? But what will happen in 2020-2030?
  2. Fine - I'm all for it. We need a powerful regional counterpoint to China's imperial ambitions.
  3. Hmm, angling for a job with BAe Systems, by any chance?

    The China-Japan thing is classic security dilemma stuff. Neither wants to have at it, (they are each other's largest trading partner) but they both scare the crap out of each other. Note that globalisation doesn't necessarily bring peace. Germany and Great Britain were big markets for each other, right up until the outbreak of WWI.

    A 'powerful counterpoint' of a more assertive Japanese security policy will not achieve a balance of power but will speed up the arms race, causing panic elsewhere (E.g. Russia, Taiwan, the Koreas, The Phillipines, India & Pakistan, Mongolia etc.) and perhaps even the Central Asian Republics.
  4. Would Japan support Taiwan if Taiwan was invaded by the Chinese?
  5. Unlikely. Taiwan (as Honпkong) is doomed to be a part of China sooner or later.
  6. Not quite the same.

    We gave Hongkong away by treaty. Taiwan has no one but it's own govenment in charge, and the only way you're going to convince them is to line them up and shoot them after the invasion.
  7. Off topic, but being on TELIC when the JDF deployed troops for the first time since WWII, I felt privileged to be present when the Japanese medics crossed the border at Safwan.

    It was spoilt a little by one of our corporals approached them, and screamed "YOU WRAPPED MY GRANDAD IN BARBED WIRE, YOU B*STARDS!"
  8. From point of view of International law, Taiwan is a part of China that is not currently under control of central government. Moreover Taiwan doesn't claim itself as an independent country.
  9. :lol: [​IMG]
    i would have loved to see the japs faces

    on another note , would they be as tough as the last lot in a scrap with China ?
    better open the foundries for more Samurai swords :)
  10. Does this mean we'll be hearing cries of "By Shinto!" and "For the Emperor- BANZAI!!!" throughout the pacific?
  11. Sergey,

    Any idea of how the Japanese public feel about the possibilty of Article 9 being scrapped?
  12. Aren't the Japanese Land and Maritime 'Self-Defence Forces' already amongst the largest in Asia? Might not this political move on the part of the Japanese PM not be linked to his attempts to placate/check growing nationalist sentiment in Japan itself? Isn't there also the issue of those islands - whose name escapes me right now - which several Asian nations claim, and the international moratorium on the mineral exploitation of which expires sometime soon?
  13. Haven't any idea. Ask Japanese policeman (YAPONSKI GORODOVOY - well know Russian idiomatic expression).

    GORODOVOY - policeman in tsarist Russia.

    Word ... hmm fc*ked has Russian analog and it sounds similar to word YAPONSKI (Japanese). There are situations then direct usage of specific words is not allowed...
  14. Just wait till they get a woman on the Chrysanthemum Throne...