Japan hangs three death row inmates

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tuffty, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Why can’t we have a vote on the death penalty, just add a Yes/No box to the Referendum on Europe ballot paper. Oh………. just had a thought, a vote on Europe!!!........ like thats ever gonna fukin happen.
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  2. Mr Barosso says you can't and Van Rumpoy agrees with him.
  3. Very good for japan! I hope they keep the death penalty for multible murderers, We should be hanging murderers in this country as well.
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  4. Did someone just say "slope on a rope?"
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  5. The reason we can't have a vote on the death penalty is simple......it's called the European court of human rights.......

    Lets be honest, if you were to hold a referendum after there had been a James bulger / Holly and Jessica type incident every cunt in the uk would vote yes......

    Most of the decent folk in the country understand, you cannot rehabilitate some of these freaks and the best thing is to just do them in.....

    Unfortunately we are tied to a tree hugging organisation that likes nothing more that undermining our legal system to the point where the home secretary has to ask lawyers if she's ok to deport a fucking mad hate preaching hadj wanted for terrorism......turns out she wasn't.......

    Fucking Belgian cunts.......
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  6. You sir, are a bad, bad man......funny, but bad.
  7. Meanwhile in Belgium they're smoking in the pub, eating horses and spending our money. All of Europe is laughing at us.
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  8. The way the Japanese apply the sentence is very 'harsh'.

    You can be on death row for many years, and then one day, without any warning, in will burst the Guards, frogmarch you down to the scaffold, and Kerthunk!, you're dead. Matter of minutes and the first the NOK often know is when they turn up to visit and you're an ex inmate.

    Of course, this means that Mr Hashimoto on death row can spend years living every second in absolute terror of the door bursting open and the slightest noise outside scares him fartless.
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  9. It's not even allowed to be debated in Parliment.

    Why do you think Theresa May is not happy.
  10. Agreed, we should start dropping all our Murderers, peado's and terrorists off outside the Court of human rights and let them fucking deal with em.......

    Belgians.....they're like the French but shitter!
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  11. No problem with the death penalty as you can always undead somebody wrongfully executed.
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  12. . . and being that we've never ever had any fit-up's by (insert Constabulary or Police Service here) then it'll all be fine and it wouldn't happen anyway. No way, never!

    PS. That Stefan Kiszko bloke always looked a bit shifty and was probably guilty of something else anyway, so perhaps a dangle on the rope might have been justified?
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  13. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    Harsh? They are not classed as prisoners and the facility is not classed as a prison. They are held in solitary confinement until execution and communicating with other prisoners is verboten (whatever the japanese equivalent is), no visits and only two exercise periods per week and not allowed to exercise in their cells. No telly! And only allowed a few books. Still, it's better than Kinkaseki, eh?
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  14. Harsh? Only if you are a limp wristed, tree hugging bisexual liberal!
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  15. If anyone is heading towards the land of the rising sun, please give my regards to Pierrepoint san!
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