Japan, feeling sorry for yourselves? Well, pardon me....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Staggering! What is the world coming to? Firstly, on the radio this morning one hears of the Mexicans getting upset because someone on telly calls them lazy and flatulent - then I spot in the news that the Sons of Nippon are getting precious about having the atomic bomb dropped on them!
    BBC News - Stephen Fry Japan trip scrapped after A-bomb joke
    They have clearly rewritten their history so well that the atrocities they perpetrated on their foes have conveniently been forgotten.
  2. While there is much to admire about the Japanese and their society, I am fully aware of what they did to allied POWs. I have also recently watched the film "The City of life and death", a fairly horrific view of the Japanese atrocities against the Chinese population of Nanking in the late 1930's.

    I have no sympathy for them whatsoever rgarding the allied firebombing of Tokyo et al and the two buckets of sunshine which were dropped. Their behaviour towards the chinese, the allies and various other peoples meant they got what they deserved as far as I am concerned.

  3. There already a thread about this (not a critique QM btw) and that pointed out that most of the skit drifted to slagging off the UK and its rail system.

    Obviously the glass makers also thinned the skin of the yellow skinned, slanty-eyed, whale eating, schoolgirl fixated, no personality, overpopulated twats.

  4. And another thing......more civilians were killed in the Battle of Stalingrad than in Horishima and Nagasaki combined so it's not as if they set any kind of a record in suffering - *******.
  5. How many Japs would have died if the allies had instead invaded using conventional forces? And the Russians would have occupied half the country post war too.

    Yamaguchi may be officially recognised as being nuked twice, but there were others, I'm sure. A lot of refugees from Hiroshima went to Nagasaki, as it was, like Hiroshima, largely untouched by allied bombing.
  6. The bloody Japanese should still be apologising daily for their treatment of PoW's.

    They should be grateful Tokyo was left out.
  7. Have a read of Nemesis, which gives a good estimate of mil/civ casualties if an invasion of the Japanese mainland was deemed necessary.
  8. I'm guessing at least a million?
  9. Seems we Brits are the last bastion of humour in this shitty, self-serving, politically correct world. Humour is a sign you don't take things (including yourself) too seriously. It's a way to let of steam and it is just a collection of words, often with no basis in real feeling, that frequently involves laughing at ones' own or someone elses misfortune. To give it you should be able to take it. The rest of the world is the poorer for not being able to give or take it.

    As for the Japs ..... who give a fcuk what they think or say ? Sadly it would seem that they have never learned their true history and still play the victims much as the Jews do over the Holocaust. Criticise a Jap and it's all 'Hiroshima etc', criticise a Jew and it's all " you are a Fascist and people like you ran concentration camps etc,etc".

    Trust the BBC to apologise. Weak-minded and lacking in any moral fibre whatsoever. CNUTS the lot of them.

    Ah, that's better . Ready for the weekend now ! :)

  10. We're still grovelling over slave trading. The japs are miserable *******, we even named a body part in their honour - dicks.
  11. I'm all for building Bridges with the Japanese.
  12. hmmmmmm lol
  13. Germany: 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians,

    Japan: 30 million Filipinos, Malays, Viets, Cambodians, Indonesians and Burmese at least 23 million of them ethnic Chinese.

    ..and had he not died, we would have left Hitler as the leader of a new Germany????

    .......And so gradually the next generations were well prepared for the story of the poor Japanese and the men with the nasty bomb......

    An auld acquaintance of my father, having fallen out badly with Japan after Singapore, used to chew on his pipe, and mutter darkly that however grasshopper the morals of western governments, the Chinese would not forget, and that there would be a time, and if it came we should be very careful not at that time to hold the Japs as allies.
  14. My Grandad would not allow anything "Made in Japan" into his house.Of course,no-one mentioned where his pacemaker came from.
  15. Oh well, you said it all for me! :)