Japan Considers Strike Against N. Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. I don't know what is dominating the news where you are at ,but here it is North Korea



  2. RTFQ


    Japan has internal reasons to be banging its defence drum (in addition to the obvious fact that North Korea is a big potential threat). If I remember rightly, ministers have been playing politics to beef up the nation's forces and review its status as a Defence Force. They want a circle of influence again, plus they've got China and North Korea flexing their muscles all around them.

    I'm not commenting on whether they're right to do so, just suggesting that with articles such as this, the root concerns may be real, but the inflammatory rhetoric may be serving other purposes at home.
  3. You are right there is a lot of internal politics but the post WWII world is ending. A new shifting of power relationships is taking place and with that a lot of uncertainties. Japan probably will rearm. Japan only spends 1 percent of GDP on defense. If they spend more they will in there own right emerge as a huge power in Asia, militarily as well as economically . A China- Russia axis is developing though the roles have switched. At least from the prospective that I look at event, they seem to be promoting provocation of existing norms. North Korea seems to be just the Asian expression of that policy
  4. Japan doesnt have the means to attack North Korea - at least not yet. Sending F-15's wouldnt be very smart considering the state of the air defenses they would be facing.
  5. The jap is big on first strike.
    They do worry me more then China.
  6. That 'only' 1% comes out to over $50 billion a year, which if my memory serves makes it the world's 2nd largest defense budget. They have almost a quarter million men under arms, but extremely limited power projection capability.

  7. I understand it is a very capable force. I just think that Japan is going to emerge. North Korea is concerning the Japanese more than it is concerning the US and much more than it is concerning Europe. The Rise of China is a big Uncertainty. A China Russia axis seems to forming . They are maintaining a common policy in a number of places Iran, North Korea , and along with military exercises it looks to me that they have devoluped common objectives. I actually think it is in the US interest for Japan to emerge as a stronger Military power that can project power. Whether Japan see's it as in its interest ,that I don't know.


  8. Any Japanese strike would have to be with US help, so unless the Japanese and US forces in the region don't want a bucket load of instant sunshine from the North Koreans I doubt the Japs would even think of it.
  9. Japs are no more than months (at the most) away from having a deployable ICBM system.
    The technology, know-how and materiel is available.
    They have been for some time, only thing lacking is the will.

  10. Japan has the world's second biggest economy, a VERY highly advanced industrial base, its own space programme and a large civil nuclear industry. It could be the second military power on Earth almost overnight it if wanted to.

    It's probable Japan (and Germany, for that matter) have nukes 'ready to assemble' if needed.
  11. If the jap wanted too they could overnight lock up N Korea's sea lanes overnight.
    It's one thing N.K. saying iy has a nuc and its another matter all together, having one it can mount on a missle that is capable of being launched.
    China will protect it's lame duck friend N.K. up to a point as the US will do with japan.
    Westerners do not appreciate the hatred that exsis between these Oriental Players.
  12. its going be a rerun of "Banzai" japanese dawn with all those buggers running over the Horizon in a classic nippon kamakizee charge, believe you and me , the samurai spirit hasn't gone away, also there is a long History between them and the Koreans, i don't quite see the Southern Koreans being too happy about it , it may even bring them over to the side of the North against the Japs.

    wonder what the next few month will turn out.
  13. Nice to live in intresting times.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    You said it Jon...cf Stephen Howarth's book on the IJN <<Morning Glory: A History Of The Imperial Japanese Navy.>>

    From Tshushima onwards Japanes doctrine and ethos have focussed very hard on the battle-winning and decisive first blow.

    Unfortunately for them, Pearl Harbor was neither decisive nor, in the longer term, battle winning.

    Le Chevre
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Been to Hiroshima ? I was there in 1987. One of the things I saw ( we were berthed just along the coast in Kure) was a gaggle of JMSDF submarines....which are IDENTICAL in shape to a US/UK SSN. I'll see if I can find the pic and post in the gallery.

    The difference is that ,at that time, the sensitivity over anything nuclear extended to even these key bits of kit - so they were conventionally powered.

    Sure, they have the know-how....but the horror about nuclear weapons goes very deep in Japan....it isn't the long-haired hippy CND-ers who are most vocal, it is the ordinary salariman/mama-san.

    Somewhat ironically for us, Japanese people regard themselves as the VICTIMS of the Pacific War because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    For any government to announce they were going nuclear would be an astonishing volte face, against the grain of what every single Japanese has been told to believe about the A-bomb since infancy.

    Le Chevre