Japan and China - the eternal love affair continues

Maybe, one day, when there is no-one left who remembers or cares.

But there are still plenty of people left who do remember, and plenty who weren't around to remember who do care. 6 million Jews pales in comparison with the estimated losses that the Chinese suffered. Completely excluding combat losses, it is estimated that 11 million Chinese died at the hands of the Japanese occupiers, including 3 million one city alone, Nanking, just west of Shanghai on the Yangtse river.

But remember also that at governmental level these the real feelings become distorted in the great power play.
The Yasukumi shrine features inso many programs on the jap forces that appear on the TV of late.
I understand that all jap orders where said to be the emperors direct order and that troops who died in his servic would go to 'heven' via the Yasukumy shrine.
I think this helps explain the reverance of the shrine to the jap.
The atrocities carried out by jap troops where totally unacceptable by any standard, Men of the standing of Slim hated the jap for his actions and many jap troops got off lightly due to 'Political' considerations at wars end.

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