Jap Tourists Advised to Avoid Certain Porridge Wogs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Is it ok for the Japs to try deep fried pizza and heroin? When I see Japanese tourists mincing about here with their "Hello Kitty" gear, I imagine Hirohito and Tojo spinning in their graves at about 2000 rpm.
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  2. They should try bringing beads and shiny trinkets to barter for haggis and whisky.
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  3. Elizabeth Duke beat them to it on that one, an entire generation of Neds have sold their souls for clown pendants and chunky bracelets with gold plating that comes off in water.
  4. Japanise burds in short Tartan skirts really give me the horn big stylie......Phwor!!
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  5. Can't really blame them, the guide book does advise it.

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  6. Ah, wank away Glasshopper...

  7. GRRRRRRR.....little white panties and black hairy 70s style boxes........OOOOH Knickers Knackers Knockers!!
  8. It'd be better to advise them not to talk to those of a pale-milky hue full stop...with the Japs finding 'everyfing ruvvery' and the Scots speaking their own brand of klingon, nothing will ever get done!
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  9. I can't understand a fucking word the average Scotsman says,so what hope have the Japs got?
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  10. Solves their power supply problem though...
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  11. Those pixellated clunges are a bit of a turn- off though......
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  12. You're lucky, I have to live up here. At least the wife can speak Jockaneeze. 10 years as a missionary and no-one converted to normality yet!!
  13. Ha ha ha fucking necky bastards, what a cheek. I know you're average Jock is famous for liking his scoff deep fried, and for sinking a few bevvies and kicking off, but christ. The Japs are the world leaders at being fucking weird little perverts, Jocks should be warned about speaking to them.
    I mean where else in the world can you get soiled underwear dispensed from a vending machine in the street, or where schoolgirls are regularly molested by gangs of old pervs on buses and trains.
    Fucking Japs....dirty weirdo's.
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  14. Havocthecat, you don't know what the price of a plane ticket to Japan costs by any chance, do you? I wouldn't mind popping over there for to sample their, errm, culture.