Jap politician's thought on the Brits,and The River Kwai Bridge builders.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. And that is why politicians can NEVER reveal what they really think!
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I couldn't give a toss what the slanty-eyed retard thinks. He's got a cob on with the two countries that, despite the Americans being amoebic in intellect and the British being 'unlikeable', kicked his unpleasant, mass-murdering, war-crime-committing army and navy in the nuts during WW2, which, like the Germans, was a war they started.

    Sour grapes? 60 years on?! He and his countrymen lost the war, and this little slope-head needs to get over it.
  3. Getting on for 70yrs since they dropped by Singapore for a visit, doubt any Burma/Pacific Star holders will feel chuffed with his comment's mind.
  4. Think hes forgot we have sunshine in a bucket?
  5. I don't like the Japanese.

    But I feel the way they melted at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then capitulated, shows some of their better sides....

    It's easy this political lark isn't it.

    The Japanese seem to have a bit of a wierd beleif system, when it comes to the war. They don't beleive they were in anyway wrong, and also seem to beleive they lost due to a slight of hand, rather than the realities of taking on most of the world in combat.

    Worth noting they are still despised in some quarters of Asia for what they did during the war. The Koreans, Thais ad a few others really felt the pain.
  6. Taxi for Mr Deputy!

  7. Awesome post Biped. My late Uncle - Lancs Fusiliers/Burma - would have chuckled at that.
  8. Not a family member, but an old man (now departed) who was a local counciler and a visitor to the Boys' Brigade Company I was part of was a 'guest' of the Japanese during this time.

    Can't think how he would have taken this news. I honestly can't.
  9. My grandfather fought in the Far East with the Inniskillings, and he wouldn't have given a shit what this guy says or thinks.

    A good mate of mine is married to a Japanese girl, and I've met a lot of her family as well. Aside from not being able to hold their drink, they all seem pretty nice folks. So, for what it's worth, in my experience of the Japanese, this fool is unrepresentative.
  10. A neighbour of mine who fought from the Thai border down Malaya to Singapore, was wounded twice, and spent three and half years as a PoW told me he didn't hate the Japanese as that would be a waste of brain power. Mention of the Korean guards however, pressed this old b*ggers starter button. We all know the Japanese were the most disgusting enemy our nation ever faced, but their side-kicks the Koreans were, by all accounts, worse.

    Google: 6141443 and read a very short story by this old soldier - takes about a minute to read.
  11. BBC - WW2 People's War - Colchester to Shanghai and back!
  12. That would be the "simple minded" Americans who developed the atomic bomb, thus bringing imperial Japan to an end before inventing the transistor to make post war Japan the second biggest economy in the world.

    He's probably just pi$$ed off because he's been caught buying used schoolgirl undies from one of those machines the Japs are so fond of and trying to charge the cost to his expenses.

    Either that or his granddad was one of those unfortunate Japs who fled Hiroshima after the bomb and sought sanctuary in, err, Nagasaki.
  13. Blimey - that's not what I remember. As soon as the cherry brossom pops up, half of Tokyo goes out on the lash, chugging cans from 0900 'till sundown.

    My wife's dad helped build their railway after Singapore. He wouldn't be impressed by Ozawa's remarks. Probably not surprised either.

    I met an old Japanese chap by the Imperial Palace a couple of years ago. He was very polite and spoke good English. I asked him where he learned to speak English so well: "I was a guard at a prisoner of war camp" he explained, without a hint of shame.
  14. A good mate of mine is married to a Japanese girl, and I've met a lot of her family as well. Aside from not being able to hold their drink, they all seem pretty nice folks. So, for what it's worth, in my experience of the Japanese, this fool is unrepresentative.[/QUOTE]

    a mate of mine married a japanese girl as well. her family were really nice, polite and humble people.

    i used to teach a group of japanese businessmen in hong kong and met their families as well. they were always respectful and really nice guys. they used to get drunk as quick as me, about 3 pints!.

    i also used to have few beers with a few japanese businessmen in crodo at our local, they seemed to really enjoy being seconded to the UK to live and work. they appreciated that it was an honour to represent their company and country overseas.

    this unfortunate disgraced politician is obviously working to the maxim ' any publicity is good publicity' and should not be taken as a view held by the majority of the country.

    they committed attrocious crimes 70 years ago and that should never be forgotten, but to keep blaming the present population for other peoples deeds, from the past, isn't going to change anything. they took the 'life chances' that were offered after the war and prospered, even if they have had the odd economic wobble in the past 10- 15 years.

    one person's stupid ranting is not enough to tarnish the whole nation.