Jap PM resigns due to unpopularity. Will broon follow??

The thing is, here in Japan, people take very little interest in politics. It is rarely discussed which I always find strange given that it is a very common topic back in the UK.
So my point is really that in a country where the electorate are indifferent the PM does the decent thing but, back in the UK where people do care and are not afraid to make their thoughts public, why oh why won't Brown and his Godawful government take the bloody hint and go?
Brown wanted the top job so much he could taste it at both ends. Do you really think that even though he has been shown to be useless at it that he's going to go without the use of a large crowbar?
They will not go - there is no honour where money is concerned. Especially when it has been gained by whatever tax and levy that can be made up next and put on the rest of us.

Just look at their track record on personal finance and integrity. Has any of them ever been penalised or put in a court of law - NO.

Years ago my uncle who was my mentor for a lifetime told me, ' There are only two legalised thieves in this word, a vet and a solicitor.'

He was wrong - there is another New Breed.

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