january intake

hi all, what is the likelihood of me getting in on the january intake at sandhurst if i start my application now? i should imagine almost zero chance. i've got adsc in 11 days for a soldier position as this is what i've been going for all along but have decided i would like to join as an officer. my afco said i should go to adsc and bring back an impressive result as it would win me favour when applying to be an officer. i also have the academic qualifications. so just wondering if anyone knows whether i could make it for the january intake?

thanks, willmark


Well, I heard from somebody today who got a cat. 1 at briefing this weekend, and the first main board available to him is in February...
I'm currently in the process of trying to get into Sandhurst myself. It is supposed to take 12 weeks for Westbury to process your application for main board, and I'm bidding for a place on a board right now and the earliest I can get is the beginning of Jan, so I'm afraid there is not chance for you, although they will accept if you are pushing for May intake.
I passed briefing with a Cat 1 yesterday and was also informed, the earliest possible date for Main Board was Feb'11,

Good luck!
thanks for the responses, looks like may it is. gives me plenty of time to prepare then. although i may just go down the soldier route to see how that goes, then see if i can get a commission while in there.

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