Janet Street Porter - Bean Bag General

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CutLunchCommando, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. In Todays Independent Janet Street Porter wrote
    To put this in context (since the bulk of the article is restricted to paying users) the article basically bemoans Prince Charles "choice" of training for the future king(s). She thinks that they would be better off getting work experience with Rocco Forte or Richard Branson instead of being Recce Troopies or whatever William will post as. Basically she believes that being an Army Officer is all watching men form up by twos as the essay in the Sandhurst Blue describes it.

    Now this is her opinion and although I disagree with it she can write whatever she sees fit. It is after all a comment piece. (It would be fun to see her be sent on say the TACC. Now there reality TV I'd pay to see.) However the quote above seems to strike a very odd note. Is this really the perception of people or is it just a throw away remark. Has she not been paying attention to the news footage for the last few years? Granted there have been moments of high-techery but most of what I've seen and heard of seems to be a bit more traditional than that.

    Any other comments?
  2. I blame all those video clips of laser guided missiles. They're shown to make people think they're getting their monies worth and there's no collatoral. I think that writer is talking out of her backside. There should always be a place for someone fit, a leader and someone able to have controlled aggression. Apart from anything it'll give that computer geek on the battlefield a sense of achievement and personal morals. My other point would be, even with advances with kit how many arrsers have been freezing cold or baking hot? Some lardbucket won't cope with that. Technology is no subsitute for the skills and presence of a well trained soldier
  3. Crabby, you are speaking wise words!

    As for Janet Street-Porter, bless her ignorange of the services. I feel that the only sound I hear eminating from her is the flapping of her buttocks as sound emits forth. To wit she is talking from her arrse :lol:

    Get some in Janet..........words fail me........and obviously you!!

  4. Of course she is can't speak out of her mouth with those fcuking gnashers can she?
  5. Induct her into one of the mong battalions. She'll fit right in with the dribbling, arm waving and shouting section and those choppers approaching at the speed of drool should terrify the enemy enough to cause cessation of hostilities in short order.
  6. If they put the two in with chef Ramsey, they'd have grounds for bullying complaint as things now stand.
    The public have always had a total pigs head sense of what military do. I'm sure that a hell of a lot see Dads Army as reality TV of a real unit. The 'romantic' versions of RN and RAF life are very attractive to those with no idea of the reality.
    They will get a wider experience of life in a shorter time as military men than by going into the commercial world. Brown nosing and back stabbing are very real concepts of what is available in the civvy management sylabus.
    Does it really matter what civilians think of us - they've been doing it for a long time. Way before Tommy Atkins. There will always be armed forces. It is not as if Harry and Wills are going to see it as a career to 55. They have other careers lined up. The stiffening of the backbone from service life will be invaluable. Just imagine a small re-shuffle of time and imagine Wills giving B Liar an Academy beasting at the weekly meeting!
  7. I take my hat of to harry and will, at least there getting a tast of army discipline and a good training and should do at least 3 years harry probably more.and they will have to be deployed over seas , would,nt look good being on rear party would it
  8. I would like to see the mouth of teeth try some military service. She couldnt last 5 minutes, no backbone, no ability, no brains, no IQ.
  9. i bet she can eat an apple through a letter box
  10. Please tell me you didn't pay a pound to read this? :)

    I just read through some of her other headers, she knows a lot about shopping and "celebrities" unfortunately HRH would seem to fall in the celebrity section. It must have been a real slow news day :?


    What else can you expect from some wannabe celebrity who achieved "has been" status before becoming famous :roll:

  11. You'd think with her money that she'd have had some quality dentistry donw. God she's a pig. She hasn't even got a nice personality. Wasn't she sh*gging that other #yoof promoter' Normski? Whatever happened to 'Normski'?
  12. Someobe bit his knob off?
  13. Correct - now known as 'Nubski'.
  14. You never win a war until you have subdued the population.
  15. That's what instant sunshine is for :)