Janet at DuBoras

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sfub, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Sad news reached me this week.

    Janet, the red haired woman behind the counter at Du Bora's, has died of cancer.
    She was known to thousands of blokes over the years as the "go-to" woman for bits and bobs, berets, webbing, Helly field jackets and alsorts of niff-naff in the 'Shot. Always friendly, and never differing in her treatment of customers regardless of rank or status, she worked in Du Bora's from about 1973 up until three days before her death. She actually died at the begonning of the year, but I only found out when I went in to buy a new Victor beret in preparation for November Ceremonials. I'll miss her and her knowledge of what was going on in the 'shot, and Brigade gossip in general.
  2. Sad to hear that, she was a lovely woman and always very helpful.

    I remember her learning some Nepali so she could greet and chat with her Gurkha customers.
  3. I always asked for a forces discount whenever I was in and always got laughed out the shop :) lovely lady
  4. I remember Janet N. fondly. She once reminded me of some credit I still had for a returned item that I had completely forgotten about.
  5. I think remember her! and I was last in there in 1982 buying pouches for my 58 belt kit. They were a lot more friendly than HM Supplies in Camberley...

    Very sad.
  6. I bought bits and pieces from them over the years. She was allways so helpfull and extremly nice. to deal with. Very sorry to hear of her passing. RIP.