Jane Says: Someones telling porkies about "No Nukes Iran"

Evidence emerges of Iran's continued nuclear weapons research

14 March 2008

Documents shown exclusively to Jane's indicate that Iran is continuing its pursuit of the advanced technologies necessary to develop a nuclear weapon...

...The papers shown to Jane's state that an organisation within the Iranian MoD has actively pursued the development of a nuclear weapon system based on relatively advanced multipoint initiation (MPI) nuclear implosion detonation technology for some years



1. They might well be doing so.
2. The US Intelligence might have been wrong.
3. The US Govt. might be painting another erroneous picture to enable them to carry out certain actions.

I'm not.
Pulled the patent on the underlying technology:


Note it does have civil applications (oil well completion, or drilling operations), but since when did the Iranian MoD in conjuction with the Atomic Energy Authority of Iran (which I presume the intel leak ties in) become responsible for Oil & Gas exploration?

Perhaps the 'alternative action' of which you speak is a patent lawsuit? They have grounds ;)

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