Jan start date at RMAS?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by arse-eye, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. What's the exact start date of the Jan term at Sandhurst?

    just out of intrest!;)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hmm, I could also phone them tomorrow but I thought someone here could just tell me...... :?
  3. sunday 9th - may is the same
  4. Anyone know if Jan 05 intake is full yet?
  5. There are still places I believe as I was advised latest RCB dates (earlyish Dec) to be eligible to get on it.
  6. I've heard differently - I was told that my Sept RCB would clear me for Jan RMAS if I passed, but I've recently been told that Jan is full with a waiting list in place.
  7. There are apparently no vacancies until May 2005, with many on the waiting lists for September and January.
  8. In mitigation, I'm told by Westbury that they've been able to get everyone on a 150+ waiting list into their chosen RMAS start date before now, so all is not lost.
  9. What criteria are applied in placing someone on one of these waiting lists - are the lists in any order of priority or some such thing?
  10. Passed main board last week and am waiting to hear about Jan. I will let you know what they say
  11. It's definately the 9th.....it says so on my instructions, anyone else down to start then? 8O
  12. Me. I was on the waiting list for Jan for only a week and a half so don't despair! I have a Pre Course on the 02/03 of Dec. Anyone else?
  13. Anyone think ill have much chance getting on the jan intake if i pass RCB at end of Nov? No pressing reason to go then apart from to escape my current job. Or is it a case of just applying pressure and seeing what happens (if i pass of course)?
  14. Guys, I passed RCB in June and I'm on the jan waiting list but i'm still waiting to see whether im getting a place. I phoned at the beginning of oct and apparently there is already 85+ on the list. Hopefully I'll be getting a place! any advice to help me with this would be appreciated.....

    And as already mentioned above, jan start date is deffinately the 9th