Jammy barsteward gets a bargain

One of the new members at our club has just completed his probation. Clutching his newly acquired FAC our young man goes off to see one of the local gunsmiths. This gunsmith is really a one-man shotgun repair workshop, rather than a retail outfit, but our man pops along anyway.

Now classic service rifles are popular in our club, so our man says: "I fancy a Lee-Enfield; what have you got?"

To which the reply: "I've got one here; it's even got an old scope on it."

So, the deal is done for £275. Our man turns up at the next range day, proudly clutching his new purchase. Cue multiple jaws hitting the floor at once. He has only gone and found a genuine mint No 4(T) sniper rifle, with all matching numbers and scope.

Clearly, the seller had no idea what he had and the buyer was unaware until we put him straight. To save the seller's blushes, I'll preserve his anominity. Before anyone asks, several members have already left vapour trails to see if there was anything else up for grabs. There wasn't!

Now, why is it these events always happen to someone else and not me? Please feel free to depress me further with your own bargain stories!
Walked into a Swiss gunshop & walked out with a Vetterli Kadettengewehr M1870, only 2000 made, 180 quid. Thank you kindly! Sold for a nice profit a couple of years later.

Got a couple of Vetterli Stutzers on the way (once the Swiss paperwork has cleared, the Dutch paperwork was by return of post, of course!) for about EUR1000 the pair. Worth over EUR1000 each up here!

Can't beat a 2000 quid 4(T) for 275 though :shock:

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