Jamies School Dinners

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Letterwritingman, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Those of you who think that this is in the wrong Forum........tough!

    I've sat and watched young Jamie for a few weeks now fortunately the missus aint caught me. I have to admit I admire the young mans dynamic approach to sorting out the state of our kids school dinners.

    But what the feck was that tonight with the dinner lady who couldn't go on cooking from scratch! So the old bag is happy to poison the kids with reformed meats and reheated food whilst claiming 7 hrs pay a day and really only having to turn the oven on an hour before the kids come through the door!

    No wonder she wasn't able to carry on, the shock of actual work has brought her to her knee's.
  2. Only seen one of the programmes and was very impressed. I used to think that Jamie Oliver was a complete t*at but I actually now like the guy.

    Not only has he help those down and outs to get a job and make something of his life but he is now attacking the issue of kids nutrition.

    It is such an important issue and it is a crying shame that the local councils and government are not pumping enough money into it to help the little tykes eat well for a change. The episode I saw had a set of oparents saying how their kids attitudes had changed for the better as soon as they were eating a decent diet.

    As for Jamie Oliver, how many celebs do you know who put their own moneyon the line for something they believe in. All very well Bono telling us to give money to Africa, but where's that feckers dosh? Bravo Jamie.
  3. Not directly related to this thread, but bearing in mind the grub we are issued in little boxes, all designed for maximum shelf life etc... I can get Vetetarian, Halal, Kosher but want Organic and preservative free.

    I ain't a tree hugger (well I am apart from 2 cars and a bike) but I try to encourage my family to eat healthily, on an E-number free diet, then end up ripped to my tips on the cocktail of chemicals that my body does without at home each time I cook up a 24 Hour rat pack.

    If an army marches on it's stomach, we will arrive perfectly preserved.. :twisted:

    Ps I am just recently back from Exercise and I am craving Biscuits Brown... Anyone know a dealer?
  4. Yeah, I thought it was a great show. Puts him and his 'crusade' in a very good light, which is about time.

    As IdleAdjt said, I wasn't the biggest fan of Mr Oliver before, but now quite admire him and the way he's making an effort.

    Fair play.
  5. Shocking I have to admit.

    I fear for my kids now. I do hope people take notice of the goodness he is providing for us.

    Any of you headteachers out there take note!

    Its the crap fast food and junk we have in society today that has caused the children of this generation to dislike healthy food. I should know, i'm one of 'em

    I personally think the Government should look into it and do summit about it.

    As corny as it may sound, its actually quite true.

  6. What Jamie is trying to do is great. The problem is it costs money. It costs to train the dinner ladies to cook (they ain't chefs) and you cant rely on one person to cook for 800 kids. The proper ingredients will cost more than the processed. They need proper equipment, eg knives that will cost. And at 35p cost price per portion it won't happen. It will take time to get the kids to eat the food (not counting the parents who cant be arrsed to listen to them whinging and give them crisps every day).
    The mockney git has the right idea unfortunatly the gov wont pay for it. The tax payer won't pay for it. Nor is it a vote winner shame really
  7. The thing was that although it would cost money to train these dinner ladies, the ingredients for the meals he came up with were on budget. For 35p/meal, I think that is damn impressive. I too, used to to think of the naked one as a twat but my opinion of him has changed somewhat after this series.

    Did anyone else think that the honourable minister was just telling Jamie what he wanted to hear? I bet he does little, if anything, to implement healthier eating in schools the way that Jamie was advocating.
  8. must admit i thought the bloke a tool too................I do admit that I do the majority of the cooking in our household and not a chef by trade. Dinner party's were ok as you bought specifically for the menu but cooking daily using fresh veg etc can be a drain on the imagination!

    I have noticed a change in my childrens behaviour since episode 1 of the 'Horror Story' and our intent to change their home diet if nothing else they /'Its'; behave more in keeping with animals capable of rational thought nowadays.

    Please dont feel free to PM me with recipies as really I couldn't give a toss!

    But I have started making my own beef burgers again!
  9. Good show.

    Mrs M is involved in the dept that does the contracts for BBC etc to use the Army where possible. They reckon he is genuine about what he is trying to do. I think it shows and good luck to the lispy git.
  10. it may cost a little bit more but you get kids who behave a lot better learn and stay out of trouble.
    They did an experement in a youth jail where they gave half the scrotes a cocktail of vitamin and minerals to make up for a lack of a proper diet and the other lot kept the same diet
    result over 6 months scrotes on vitamins 90% less mayhem and violence prison staff wanted to make sure the pills were not tranqs.
    Feed the kids better there stay out of trouble won't get sick and will learn better and it don't even need to be vastly more money
  11. Huh. Typical bloody short-termism.

    Feed the kids for 50p a day, they'd end up better educated (and costing less in benefits later), less medicated (did you see the bit where they said they didn't need asthma medication any more? and therefore saving the NHS/tax-payer millions in fewer free prescriptions) healthier generally (did you see last week when the paediatrition was talking about vomitting of semi-formed faeces?! and so less of a drain on the health service generally...)

    Ultimately, spending a bit more on the food and training of school dinner ladies etc will save millions, and given how fast the results kick in I can't see it losing votes anywhere.
  12. Best one of the programmes was a certain Mr Clinton turned up at the restaurant with 30 odd hangers on, he'd only booked for 16 and had been given the menu 2 weeks prior to his visit.

    Cheeky cnut then decides he and half the entourage were now on the west coast diet what ever that may be, and demanded food that was not on the menu.

    Mr Oliver to his eternal credit when asked to go and glad hand the customer said 'Nah tell him I've gone home'.

    Clinton should have gone to Gordon Ramsay's Cafe, we'd have probably had the delights of barbecued ex president if he'd tried that there.

  13. That is incredibly sad, as I dont get UK TV over here I just read an article on the series:


    talk about neglecting the basics, this indifference to kids is just a timebomb waiting to explode (if it already hasn't), it's not difficult to provide healthy eating just a bit of thought and maybe a slightly increased cost. I have been often shocked on returning to the UK, for my yearly visits, how fat the general population is becoming, each year I see more and more lard buckets after reading this I now know why.
  14. Some people should not be allowed to have children. I was standing in Tesco the other evening and the woman on the next aisle unloaded about 25 huge bottles of fizzy drinks from her trolley :roll: It is not up to the government to bring up children- the responsibility rests with parents. I do admire Jamie Oliver for what he is trying to achieve but some of these kids will go home to supper consisting of processed food. Schools should maybe run domestic science classes showing children how to cook basic healthy meals - if they are not learning at home at least this would show how simple it can be.
  15. If kids are going home to dinners of prcessed food, then it's even more important that school dinners are worth eating.

    Don't think anyone's losing sleep over the kids getting organic, wholefood etc stuff when they're not in school.