Jamie Cooper - The never ending story

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ancient_Mariner, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Jamie Cooper is the youngest soldier to have been seriously injured in Iraq. During the summer, a scandal erupted around him due to the atrocious standard of care that he had to endure at Selly Oak.

    MRSA, overflowing colostomy bags, bed sores, no compensation, losing the use of his leg - he's had it all.

    Or so I thought until the news broke that he's now been infected with c.diff following an operation at Selley Oak.


  2. I saw this on GMTV this morning, i watched in total shock at what i was hearing, just goes to show how S**T things are now, the powers that be need to sort their F**King act out.

    I wish Jamie all the best in his recovery and his family all the best.
  3. Melanie Phillips has something sensible to say about this. Astonishing that the Crimean experience seems to be repeating itself, but less so when you consider the quality of our politicians now.
  4. "Our NHS is now the symbol of a society that has lost its moral compass along with its heart and soul."

    Well written and whilst I am sure there are plenty of staff out there who really do care for their patients, they face a steep upward battle. Although saying that, I am sure there are several professions which were once considered to have the moral high ground but are now just another pay packet. :(
  5. I am really appalled at this, theres one thing coming back injured, think thats enough for one to take, but to pick up these viruses is unforgiveable.

    Without meaning to state the obvious you go to hospital to get better.

    My thoughts are with Jamie, I hope he makes a full recovery, he's got the rest of his life ahead of him. All the best.
  6. My word, hell has truly frozen over I totally agree with what she has to say. My best also goes to the private in his recovery.
  7. All the best for your recovery Jamie, what you have endured should not happen to anyone, let alone someone injured in the service of his country.

    The best people deserve the best treatement.
  8. Speedy recovery Jamie.
  9. Cnuts. I 've just fired this off.

    "Dear Owen Paterson,
    I wrote to you some time ago about the reported appalling treatment that was allegedly being meted out to wounded servicemen. In particular I referenced Selly Oak.
    I eventually received, via your offices, a reply full of 'facts,' justification and, frankly smoke and mirrors from Lord Drayson.(ref D/US of S/DT MC05620/2006)
    It contained the following paragraph
    "With reference to your constituents second point,(need for military hospitals) it is only through day to day involvement in clinical practice that medical personnel are able to maintain their skills(!) and qualifications, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently to a wide range of medical casualties. Given the advances in in medical AND CLINICAL PRACTICE, this range and variety of experience and activity can only be provided by a large NHS hospital" (my emphasis)

    May I now draw your attention to this;

    It seems to me that the "advances in medical and clinical practices" are, in effect, better value for money for the Taliban/Iraqi Insurgents than second hand assault rifles from the powers that are supplying arms.

    This incompetent treatment of our soldiers is wrong and wholly objectionable.
    I suspect if MPs or Ministers were on the receiving end of this apology for care then 'something would be done'

    As usual, I will not hold my breath waiting for some action, other than spin, to be taken by the Government. If however this letter in some way helps stop another poor lad be part of this reprehensible game of double jeopardy that medical treatment has become, I feel that my and hopefully your, time has not been wasted. I look forward to the response from HMG!

    Yours sincerely,

  10. Isn't it time Gordon stopped messing around with "Prudence" and got stuck in with "Florence"?

    The NHS is getting to be as bad as Scutari and that twonk Steven Twigg, rather smugly I thought, has the nerve to explain that the NHS will be serving our boys needs for their whole lives; so £285k is really quite sufficient for their needs...
  11. Albert Schweitzer must be turning in his grave over unclean states of hospitals. :x

    Strip them down to the bare minimum - sorry, but home furnishings don't make for sterile conditions - bring back matrons / someone who is on the wards every day and in charge rather than someone hidden in an office and only venturing onto the wards when dignitaries are around and ensure that every surface is cleaned with bug-killing stuff daily and biological matter cleaned up as soon as possible after it's deposited, every re-usable piece of equipment sterilised after and before every use and every person is kept as clean as possible.

    It is almost impossible to fathom how we're in this state in the 21st Century and my heart goes out to all those who've been affected by it. Once again my thoughts are with Pte Cooper and I hope he recovers from this.
  12. On Saturday 13 October, following the patient’s approval to release medical details, Mr David Gourevitch, the surgeon who operated on Private Jamie Cooper, and the clinical service lead for general surgery at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, said:

    "Jamie Cooper underwent major bowel surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on Friday October 5 to reverse emergency surgery originally performed to save his life. During the procedure he had just one dose of antibiotics, in line with best practice for bowel surgery to prevent wound infection. He is being treated for a presumed diagnosis of C diff while we wait for confirmation of tests. Due to the nature of his injuries and his planned treatment, Jamie has been cared for in a single room since his stay in hospital – and every precaution for preventing infection has been taken. It is entirely possible that Jamie had been harbouring the C diff organism in his bowel as many patients do. Infections of this sort are always a risk associated with major bowel surgery. The operation appears to have been successful and Jamie is getting better. He was back on a light diet and oral fluids today and is expected to make a full recovery."

    The Ministry of Defence is clear that the best possible care is being offered to Pte Jamie Cooper and other injured military personnel by both military and civilian clinical and nursing staff at Selly Oak and other Birmingham hospitals. We very much wish Jamie Cooper well in his continuing recovery.

    This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy at: www.blogs.mod.uk

    [edited for typo: Gourevitch]
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    Back on topic; a total bloody disgrace
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