Jamie Compston RIP

Had the saddest news that Jamie Compston has died.

To live on in memories is not to die.

Jamie you were a true gent, with such compassion, I shall miss you terribly.
Absolutely tragic news. Jamie was a true gent and a real character. RIP, mate. We will see you off in the appropriate manner this Thursday.
In a quiet moment of thought this morning I was wondering how Jamie was and if I should try to get a message to him....... I have just recieved this very sad news.

I have worked for Jamie a couple of times over the years and agree with the other comments, he really was a gentleman.
It has been said before here but I have to add that he truly was a great, funny and likable person. I have never heard a bad word said about him. On Thursday he will receive the send off he truly deserves.

RIP Boss
Jamie had a heart of gold, was fun loving, had a great sense of humour, was passionate about manning the Corps and loved meeting soldiers during Roadshows (as long as you didn't ask a bone question). He didn't suffer fools at any level and was suffering far more than he let on.

He also had a pants wardrobe and poor dress sense but he had character in abundance and was at his best when under pressure, but he knew how to relax too.

Jamie you are sadly missed by all, RIP boss may God be with you.
Heard this tragic news on Monday and have now only been able to read the tributes to this great man.

Had the pleasure of serving with him in a far off land in 1992. His enthusiasm and mischievous sense of humour were inspiring. We had met a few times over the past years both up north, down south and a couple of points in between and it was inspiring on how he carried himself given his ails.

Jamie, Rest in Peace Boss.
Never knew the Gent but I have been moved by the posts on here, finer tribute no man could wish for.

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