Jamie Bulger's killer


War Hero
Definetaly an expected move from Tony -  What a nosher!!!


Ex reg, stab, FTRS and 4 yrs prison service (not neccesarily in that order), so i may know a little bit about killers etc. Bulgers killer will, on joining up, be of an age that is considered prime for suicide. All killers (except psycopaths) sooner or later suffer remorse. When he does and becomes aware of the absolute horror he was party to, we will have trained and equipped him to not only take himself out, but possibly many others too!

PS - I believe he also has a price on his head, so an awful lot of people will be looking to cash in!


I don't mean to sound ignorant or without compassion for this first bit: When i first heard it on the news, i was of course shocked, but i didn't dwell on  it as i had other things to contend with. I was single and drinking, so i didn't fully understand the damage caused to his folks etc etc.....
I now have a son who will be two in two days time, and my feelings for him and the love and fun we have are unique (as any father knows).
It has only just hit home what atrocities these evil gits commited, I think of my family and what i would do.
If it were'nt for my good lady wife and the stability of our future lives, then i would without a doubt , spend the rest of my life hunting these little cun*s down and i would subject them to ultimate fear,pain and terror - payback.
The world is a very small place these days with internet etc... They WILL be found, and i hope EXECUTED.


War Hero
CMT, lets hope that your wife never walks out on you!

PS How is the BNP these days?
How about a sadistic maniac like Harold Shipman (not the one you have) for SMO of your Garrison Med Cen.

I say let him join.    I am sick of grouping on figure 11s.

New Labour, Liberal party more like.


:D Lizzie Borden would have made an excellent general surgeon.  

:mad: Can't see him being allowed to join up myself.  The massive hullabaloo (good word) that would happen when he was outed would be too much to risk, for both New Liberal (under Mr Smiley Blair) and the Whitehall Head -shed. :mad:


LET THEM ALL IN ( will be sussed in a moment )
what goes around comes around>  ;D

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