Jamie Bulger's killer


Any thought o the fact that little Jamie Bulger's killer, John Venables is being allowed to join the Army. Nice one Tony, another god move. :'(


:mad:What's next?
Myra Hindly to be released to run HIVE CRECHE!!!!!!!!

Typical of what is becoming of this country.



Yeah lets change the rules again. I believe the MOD has opened itself wide open for court cases from those who in the past have been refused entry because of previous convictions. My only hope in this particular case is that he is outed and sorted.
Let's review the young man's credentials:

 mindless violence from an early age
 slaughter of an innocent
 love / hate relationship with the gutter press
 swaggering arrogance
 "special" status granted by ignorant politicians....

Seems this lad should be a prime candidate for the Parachute Regiment.


I take it this is a 'wind up' Just to pick up on what 'Tara' has already said I understood that up to this point you were not considered for employment in any of the Forces if you had served a sentence of more than 3 months. It could be though that Blair has seen 'The Dirty Dozen' and has decided that the film is a sound basis for the formation of a new Military Unit. Ian Brady as the CO, Myra Hindley as 2ic, what about Denis Nielson as Adj, pity Fred West 'topped' himself, he would have made a marvelous RSM.  :mad:
I reckon it's a good idea letting him in.  It will allow the 'administrative punishment' that was never afforded him in borstal to be summarily issued.
There goes the reputation of the British Soldier,  I realise that the army is under-staffed but for F***s sake, who wants to stand inline with someone like that.
I take it the CO of what ever Regt he ends up in is going to be informed?  I don't think so.

Does the PM not think he has a duty of care to the Armed Forces when he decides to arm this proven killer?

What about when he gets pissed and it all comes out?  Is the PM going to stand by the people that fill him in or will he be happy that they will end up in MCTC?

We have enough problems trying to get rid of some of the scum we have in already without the PM using the Armed Forces as a dumping ground for people such as this.   :mad:
According to the Mail on Sunday he has passed the entrance exam and is awaiting a physical. He has applied to a tooth arm, and the CO has been informed (though I doubt he had a say in the matter). He has been given a new identity and documents to support the identity and so in theory he will be anonymous. The MoD deny any deal has been struck with the Home Office to allow him a reprise on the party line of not accepting people who have been convicted of a schedule A or B offence. We shall wait and see. If his identity ever does come to light I don't give him more than a few hours before someone fills him in.


The Yorkshire Ripper would make an excellent Provost Sgt.

"Sgt Sutcliffe, unhand that poor woman and return that hammer to the LAD  ....  "
Monkey, I do believe you may have thought up a blinder:

Can we form an entire penal battalion?

I vote Geoffrey Dalmer for Master Chef.
And can we have Mohammed Atta in the Mov Cell?


Kids, send in your ideas......


Mr Bin Laden could be CO!

The rest of the Al'Quaeda would make excellent Admin staff and Pay Clerks. Bit of a change of uniform, but who wants to wear orange all day anyway?


War Hero
and med centre run by Capt Shipman and Lt Allitt


Capt Shipman could be duel hatted as an anaesthetist...

Maj Manson as a US exchange officer...


The new posting plot has been released by records in view of the shortfall in manning:

Adjutant - Jeffrey Archer

Welfare Offr - Rose West
Surely Bin L and his chums would have to be in the Navy to accommodate those luxurious beards??? (or have the Yanks helpfully shaved them all off?)

Perhaps I can suggest Rasputin for (illegitimate) Families Officer instead.

Seriously though.... is it just me or is this business of the Bulger murderers depressingly unsuprising?


Ok! Master Bulger joining the Army!? I didnt think the Rehabillitation of Offenders Act 1974 covered murderers.?

This all sounds rather greasey and slimey to me. Those Big Wigs at Whitehall have probably all been gagged, and told in no uncertain terms that this reprobate is enlisting, and thats it. I'm sure this will all come out in the wash, the MoD and the Labour party will end up with egg on their faces or something more brown and smelly. A conspiracy theory, I fancy.? :-X

Is this chap going to join the Kings Regt.?

I wouldn't let that Bulger fellow join the Womens Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps. :mad:


War Hero
Yep - this guy is really going to do our image proud.  Maybe the Duke of Wellington was right about soldiers being the scum of the earth.


Right, bit of an apology, my last rantings re this topic didnt make sense, the old red mist come down i'm afraid.

So here is the amended version, ignore my last. I had bout of right sided weakness.  :-[

That Venables chap joining the Army?! I didnt know the Rehabillitation of Offenders Act 1974 covered murderers.

Those Big Wigs at Whitehall have probably all been gagged and told in no uncertain terms that he is enlisting, and thats the end of that. I'm sure it will all come out in the wash and the MoD and the Labour Party will end up with eggs on their faces or something more brown and smelly. A conspiracy theory, I fancy? :-X

So will he join his local Regiment? The Kings?

I wouldn't even let that Venables chap join the Womens Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps.  :mad:

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