Discussion in 'REME' started by flieslikeabeagle, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Is anyone else like me, totally fecking pissed orf with the wonderous new JAMES system. I walked out the office this afternoon ,'cause had I not the ******* computer was destined to fly out the door into the workshop
    Maybe I am just another Ludite, but were I paying for a program for this bloody thing I'm using at the moment and it worked as well as the DII , I would be wanting something done about it NOW if the IT nerds can't fix it then its about time they got someone in that bloody can. Or is it just me?????
    Nurse , I think I've wet myself again!!!!!
  2. Nope, its not just you. This week I found myself shouting at the James help desk & SPOC & then replying to complaints of abusing them both as they are crap & just seem to pass you on to non-existent help desks or people.

    Why the hell they changed a system without proving it first beggars belief. Yet again at the coal front we are forced to try & sell a system (to those we are supposedly paid a lot of money to support) that currently doesn't work, & yes I can see the beginnings of a very worthwhile system but at the working end of the current bollocks that is James, I can't for the life of me see where the current benefits for anyone but the consultants exist!
  3. It's gone red!
  4. In the case of JAMES it's more a case of holding back the tears. I saved a few jobcards ( sorry, work requests ) the other day and now can't open or print the poxy things because the default program on JAMES for these isn't something straight forward like Word or Adobe it's some weird Crystal thing which isn't on my DII machine. ( I know you can alter this on a drop down menu, but didn't notice before )
    Well I'm not doing the whole lot again, I'm doing them manually, the old fashioned way, as God intended.
    I also really like the way you now have to close down every job individually instead of being able to close a whole jobcard in one go, so guess what ? I'm not going to be opening much work on the system, as I've got better things to do than waste my life trying to get some one elses **** up to work......
  5. Arnn't Chrystal Reports the same thing used to open SJARs on JPA?
  6. tonight its gone green ( thats the colour of the margaritas tomorrow will be red again, the colour of my bloodshot eyes)
  7. You poor sad bastards. Heh heh heh!
  8. I think JAMES LAND is awesome, especially the training modules. I logged-in a few days ago to see what JAMES(L) modules I require to complete for the certificate (have completed 80% of the Simple User role). And my training record was fecking blank, all the completed modules were gone. I phoned up my Sqn MT's to see if they had the same drama's, their answer was, "Welcome to the JAMES(L) turd sandwich, everyone in the Regt has lost their records as well!"

    Oh well, nevermind I'll juust stick with good old FEMIS!
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  9. I wouldn't bother with the training. As well as being time consuming crap it also doesn't bear any relevance to what is available on the current JAMES Land system.
    Is it legal to have a fleet management tool that doesn't actually manage the fleet ?
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  10. I had dramas with this at the start, I could enter jobs onto the system but it wouldn't let me take them off again once the repairs had been carried out. The result was vehicles that were fully fit in the real world & non-taskworthy in the eyes of JAMES LAND. I had to spend an entire morning on the phone to the "help" desk before it was sorted.

    Now we have a system that turns vehicles red for the sake of it, no maint or inspections due, no outstanding mods, no non-taskworthy work outstanding & the bloody things are still red on the system!
  11. I've got a Landrover that isn't due a cambelt change until 2024. A daf that needs another 6 month service less than a month after it received the last one, in fact more of the vehicles have the wrong maintenance than right.
    They've done away with the due date box when opening faults, so all the out of phase stuff that they had wrong and that I recorded as faults have now lost the due date......
    This is utter garbage.......
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  12. I finally got one of my heaps of crap green this afternoon.... and the secret was .... I'm not saying 'cause my line manager is on this thread , and I was very ,very naughty. lacrabat you are so right though ...this system is crap . I left the old james with 1 vehicle off the road over the xmas period and came back to 3 on the road out of the whole fleet. taken days sitting at the desk just to get majority of vehicles green again.... cheered me up speaking to the unit armourer this afternoon , he's soon going to have all his weapons on it as well should be fun if the tossers haven't sorted it by then..... on a serious note , this system is not satisfactory, it has cost an awful lot of money, and it doesn't work properly, and whether or not there is potentially a "great" managment tool here, it should not have been changed from james1 until the system was working properly

    that was almost a rant!!!, but I am very old and allowed to let off a bit of steam every now and again!
  13. Yep, the JAMES team read Arrse too and we also phone back those who abuse the helpdesk staff, in fact we phoned a guy on the 22nd of this month, now i wonder who that was as we only phoned one back that day! The helpdesk staff are just that, helpdesk staff, they are not shortcut the system staff cause i couldnt be bothered to do or couldnt understand the training staff. No need to get Arrsy with them, there are plenty of green team numbers on the tech docs site, just give one of us a bell and shout at us if need be but no need to get stroppy with the helpdesk. Have a good day now and im glad we could help you with your query!
  14. Guys

    All joking aside I'm volunteering for the guardroom here but someone should field your issues and give answers where at all possible, it seems that you have lots of valid issues and questions and it transpires that it would be me that fileds them where possible on behalf of the JAMES team. I'll monitor the thread and give answers in an Arrse type format where i can. We appreciate here that the application isn't doing exactly what it says on the tin but it is very early days yet and applications of this size always have problems, thats not an excuse I know, but it is fact. We're also not as happy as we could be with the current version either and we built the damn thing but work is underway to correct as many of the issues as we can in the shortest possible timeframe. Unfortunately the way projects work post delivery isnt the speediest of mechanisms as we have to take the app down to apply the fixes as and when they come in but we are onto it. It is a serious issue and we want to help out where we can so here I am. Please also remember that the helpdesk team have only done the same training as you and do genuinely try to help so bear with them as they find their way around the system to try and get stuff fixed for you. Let the Flak begin..............!!!