James training :-(

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tmjns796, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. been told we have to have our JAMES training done by end of the week, F*ck me.... how many modules? and im only doing the maintainer part. any one have any tips on how to 'speed' the process up a bit ;-) nudge nudge wink wink...
  2. There's no quick solution but minimise the imitation screen for each section then copy all actions on the test, click for click. The imitation is the same as the test. That's how I worked through it. At least then you'll pass first time on each.
  3. There is no easy way, i broke like a kit kat in a fat kids pocket.
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  4. Last year, I worked through 01. Introduction, 02. Planner, 03. Simple Work, 04. Own Work, 05. Equipment Manager, 06. Senior Equipment Manager, 07. Maintainer, 08. Leading Maintainer, 09. L1 Repair Section Manager, 10. Repair Manager and 15. Administrator. This is because the Green Fleet MT randomly put faults on to James under different roles. Took about 4 days of my life. One problem with James though is demanding spares ... after FEMIS was canned 2 years ago, all my demands have been put through to stores on manual 890s wothout any problem. Last week the QM and stores WO gripped me and ordered me to use JAMES. 2 days later ... phone call to the section from stores to resubmit the demands as they didn't go through. Next, phone call to me to come in from leave as I'm the only one who bothered my arse to get trained on JAMES. Not a ******* chance.
  5. Consider yourself lucky

    I have the same statement made to me, which is doubly fun being TA with limited DII access

    "In your own time, go on"
  6. As well as being a pile shite the training is mostly a waste of time, once you get the full roll out you'll soon discover "own work" is the way forward. The rest of the useless **** is way too painful to consider getting involved with at any more than an occasional curiosity. The MIS bit at the end of JAMES MIS stands for Mostly Induces Stress.......
  7. Just wait until you have the joy of using a JUD, you'll feel like chewing your arm off......
  8. If you want a fast track for the training just kick the desk and walk away shouting "the ******* thing is down again" you're now up to speed.

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  9. Print the source file for the certificate ;)
  10. find the local JAMES ninja and see how many crates the going rate is
  11. Fast track is easy, plug second monitor in vga cable, open the practice, then close it, open the test on one screen, then re-open the practice on the other, and mirror the answers........
  12. Looks like all my section are getting AGAII'd after Easter Leave as the OC ordered the training to be completed before anyone was to go on leave. I completed the training ages ago so I'm OK, Jack.
  13. Its easter leave and I'm in doing James training. Wish I had a second monitor, squezzing the test and practice open on the same screen is a pain in the arrse.
  14. use alt + tab to switch between them
  15. Has the OC done any of the training? Does he know how time consuming it is?