James Toseland signs for Tech 3 Yamaha in MotoGP

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Be good to see a Brit in the GP's that given the right machinery might push for wins! Maybe
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I see it as a bad move, should have waited another year and gotten a Honda ride...
  3. I thing your right there Alsacien..a year on the Honda would have put him in good stead to switch to MOTOGP..whatever he does, all the best to him
  4. After his disastrous debut at Suzuka creaming in his no1 Honda and handing the title to Suzuki after 10 yrs domination i think his Honda GP ride was not gonna happen!! Good luck to him on the YAM though as they seem to be getting better every year. Who is he partnering Haga or Corser?

  5. Agreed Alsacien & Freeway,

    I think he needs another year on that blade, get this year out of the way, progress maybe get another title next year as its hardly a done deal yet is it ? (Part of me would like to see Nitro Nori win WSB this year after he got stitched up that year he lost points for cough medicine or something and Edwards took the title)

    I know JT would be good to have in MotoGP but how often have we raved about our Brit Riders in GP's??? Hodgson & Walker both great white hopes who came to nothing, week in week out also rans.... I honestly don't think JT has enough about him to make it work week in week out on a Tech 3 Yamaha. Hes the sort of rider who does well running with the pack at the front, if he gets caught up in the 10+ catagory thats where he will stay. There is a LOT of real talent out there in MotoGP, ok in WSB we have the same, I actually prefer WSB. But MotoGP, Rossi, Casey, Melandri, Capirossi, Max is going back to his paddock, even Edwards 2x WSB champ couldn't cut it week in week out really in MotoGP on the same bike that Rossi is on, its not just a few World Class riders with a back fill of also rans, its a good 10 to 15 world champs out there, people who have won loads in their GP careers, look at Shinya Nakano, awesome on a 250, also ran with the big boys same with his Olivier Jaques.

    I do hope he can go out there and do the same sort of job that Troy Bayliss did for Ducati, but in my heart, I see another Hodgy / Stalker repeat for our lad.

    I think our best hope for a Brit rider in MotoGP in the future is young Bradley Smith, 16 years old , already in the paddock being groomed and more set for that.

    JT stay with what you know, you are a bloody good WSB rider, great team with a great package , be the next Foggy, cos you havent got what it takes to be the next Sheene.
  6. What, In MotoGP?

    Neither. Nori and Corser ride WSB?

    Bradley is doing very well. I just wish the ACU wouldve recognised and supported Alex Gault more. He was another (possibly better than Bradley) who could go far.

    The ACU sunk his ESS ride as they wouldnt support it. He was too young to be allowed the 600 ride, even though on the World scene he was of legal age to ride it.

    ACu are a bunch of backstabbing ******** who all deserve sacking. The ultimate gentleman's club.

    As for JT.. Cant stand the bloke, regardless of country. Dunno why. Just detest him.
  7. After the shafting of riders that HRC do?

    I think not. Ask Jonny Rea.

    Right move.

    Brad is currently mulling over his options. His dad wants him to take the Aspar ride, but Brad wants to show loyalty to Bertie Puig and go with the Repsol sponsorship with the KTM.
  8. Can't see Tech 3 doing anything much next year just like this year. Think its ahuge mistake by JT. Last thing you want is an also ran ride, ask Hoggie. KTM for Brad? Good move and will stop him becoming another honda drone (Pedrosa). If his good enough the honda money will follow.
  9. I think you are making the mistake of looking at Tech 3's performance this season (and last) on rubber that has the consistancy of compo cheese.
    James and his management team are no fools and when the full deal is announced, I think it will become clear that the deal is a very good one. Yamaha was the only offer on the table to include a full factory 08 bike. He will NOT be on Dunlops. This deal is about as good as James could reasonably expected to get. And it is a 2 year deal.
  10. Yes, I am a fool! Hga and corser are indeed in WSB!! DOH. Any way just back from the BSB at Croft great couple of days with some superb racing. If you have the latest issue of MCN there is the story of the young lad 14 ithink riding in the Spanish championship from Oxford! he is beig touted for better things.
  11. Good races at Croft. Surely the title is Kiyo's to lose now. The Ducati's are struggling now. They could string together a fast time, but in the race, they just couldn't get past.

    Glad to see that it stayed dry (ish)
  12. I was also there at Brands when JT did the "double" last week, great weather great racing the only down side was getting out of the car park when it all ended..
  13. Really? It literally took 2 mins for me to get out....but I was on two wheels !

    Took longer to get in.
  14. LMAO, i decided to treat my 2 boys to their first live bike race so the bike wasn't an option i had to take the car, damn...