James Thompson killed in Afghanistan on 19 May

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ragnar, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell anything about these involving TA soldiers. I'm going to one shortly and I'm trying to get on transport being provided by another unit. If I'm going with them am I likely to need to be in uniform (most will only be able to wear C95 but I have No.2's).

    Their are several of us from different Regts/Corps intending on going, plus some who have left the TA. Whats the deal with transport, can we travel on other units transport without signing in or do we need to arrange with our parent units (I mean sign in for insurance only not pay).

    Its not just me asking this question, its being thrown around the web by several people at the mo. We don't even know if its a military funeral.

    Many thanks
  2. The last one i attended

    Everyone met at the TAC and 'car-shared' military transport to church and then back to TAC.
    Got Regt. to dish out No.2's and ammo boots for the pall bearers.
    No mention made of repaying for fuel etc
    Other unit personnel came with us or went there privately(own cars/bikes)
    Mind you if mention had been made the paperwork would of gone astray from my desk
  3. I went to one a few years ago, unfortunately. I made my own way there, with firends, and went back to the TAC after for a good drink. Parked my car in local public car park. I was out by then, but those who were in generally made their own way there and wore what they saw fit. Some in No 2's some in civvies.

    I don't think there was any pay or reimbursement.

    Surely you're going to pay respects, not get a days pay.
  4. None of my lot got paid for attending
    The barman got his time paid for , for the wake
    and all those on mobilisation were getting paid by the regs, in fact much respect to RA , they paid for the guys to fly back from Germany to attend
  5. Of course, I just need to be able to get around MOD paper tape ASAP. Just spoken to OC and he's not sure how to do this. I want to do this in the way he and his family want, if they want uniform - I want do that for them.

    If anyone knows whose funeral I'm talking and has more details - please PM the obvious ARRSE Id's (and not this one)
  6. I have had the misfortune to attend two. Both times the unit provided transport (civvy coach) but there was no pay as STABEX quite rightly stated, you are paying respects, not going to get paid.
  7. Was he your unit?, if so your PSAO/OC should know if it is a military funeral or not.
    If not, there may be a reason and the family might object to his friends turning up in Uniform.
    If it is Military, then I would suggest that either civvies or CS95 will do. Not sure about no 2's unless your bearer party or officer/senior/v.close friend? Guess you'll have to make a judgement call on that. A compromise could be suit with Regi tie?
    Have you phoned the unit you're planning on travelling with and just seeing what they say?
    Hope it's a good send off. (Under the circumstances of course..... I know first hand these things are never pleasant situations to be in)
  8. I've been to more than enough over the last few years, Guys still serving, and guys that have retired. Dress was always left down to the family, a discreet phone call is usually the best bet to find out what the family would opinion is. Some will like the idea of Uniform some prefer things low key but the bottom line is you are going to show your respects.
  9. A quick reminder for any of those going on transport from the original unit and not in TAC tonight. Transport leaves CB 10am Friday and dress is suit and tie (Corp tie if you have it), no uniform because of the second unit connection.

    Please let the PSAO know if you can't make it for whatever reason or will be traveling on your own.
  10. Funny in a way, I've not been to a TAC for several weeks and when I do turn up I'll be in civvies.

    Kinda looks funny when you see this thread "TA Wear your uniform to work day as part of TA 100"

    Sort of want the news to enter the public domain, I just want to say how great this guy was.

    It saddens me his death only ran to 4 pages on this site, are we becoming so used to it.

  11. I had no idea it was another TA soldier, personally I do not comment on RIP threads because RIP written over and over again on an internet site doesn't seem to me to be a fitting way for me to honour our dead (not saying there's anything wrong with that, people have different ways of showing respect).

    But my heart sinks everytime I see that a British soldier has been killed. Espeicially when it's someone I know.
  12. Well risking an AGAI, no military ties.... Someone said no
  13. It depends on the family wishes, especially in a case where the family have been insistent on no details being released in accordance with their wishes.

    The first 'TA' Funeral I attended was Enoch Powell MP , the last and I sincerely hope it is , was of course C/Sgt Newman.

    For Phil's funeral, his local opened early for a couple of Beers before the funeral, then the funeral itself. Bearers and Firing Party in No.2's , other members of the unit and Regt in suits and Regimental ties. Service held, Phil buried with FMH , then retire to the pub to mark his passing as he would have wanted :D

    A coach was organised from the TAC to and from , and a chance to have a few more beers back in the bar, literally to drink the pain away.

    As regards travelling on other units transport, I would think it was a case of talking to their PSAO or SPSI, to see if there is space available. We threw space open on the basis of serving members first , then ex and families in that order as I remember.

    I'm not aware of a need to 'sign in' save to make sure you don't get left behind when the transport leaves.
  14. Never been to such a well attended funeral. Pity the bugler missed a few notes :)

    Pity this ARRSE 'Polar' meeting had to under such sad times.

    Two nuns .........
  15. http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/DefenceNews/MilitaryOperations/JamesThompsonKilledInAfghanistanOn19May.htm


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