JAMES SHORTT (Walt) mistaken for JOE SHORT (neoNazi Odinist)

Sorry if this has been covered before.

I will do it as a separate thread just to ensure that suspicions of IBA providing bodyguards for BNP leaders (at a time allegedly former Apartheid regime South Africa Intelligence Officers were embarking on BNP careers) are qualified that maybe Searchlight Magazine got mixed up over its Shorts.


“One of the persons Colin Port suspects was a serving Royal Irish Regiment soldier at the time of the murder. He has links with the fascist racist group, Combat 18, and his movements on the day of the murder are unaccounted for after 6:13 am. In addition, some of those whom Colin Port suspects are, or have been, Special Branch informers.
Colin Port was given vital intelligence by the RUC about the murder when he first arrived in Northern Ireland. Colin Port decided that his only hope of success was to infiltrate the Red Hand Defenders, preferably outside Northern Ireland. Attempts to infiltrate a suspect in the USA failed, but a successful sting operation was established in England, where two suspects were taped making disclosures about crimes in which they had been involved.”



Now Google “Dave Myatt Joe Short”

And you should discover a fellow far right traveller of Combat 18 Myatt (in his former neo Nazi pre Jihadi period) called JOE SHORT.

Did Searchlight Magazine have to apologise to James SHORTT because they had a mistakenly thought he and Joe Short were the same man ? Why would they make that mistake ?

Would it be appropriate now for Searchlight to proffer a similar apology to this Joe Short (Odinist and so on and yeaforth yawn yawn) for mistaking him for James Shortt ?

PS My advice is don’t take British Irish Rights Watch too seriously. Isn’t it a Michael Mansfield QC slant on “Human Rights” which somehow seems to never slant against the interests of the IRA ?

I have written a bit about the Ramsgate based IRA supportive Nazi group League of Saint George. I don’t think BIRW have mentioned any neo Nazi group unless it allegedly has links to loyalist paramilitaries ?

I also don’t think that BIRW has given a mention to pro IRA Socialist Worker Party of the left ? Was/is Doreen Lawrence a SWP member or associate Mickey Mansfield Lawrence case barrister ?

I tried to complain to the Charity Commission against BIRW. Part of its charity remit is to educate people about the Northern Ireland situation. They do not seem to educate people about the terrorist blueprint plan of IRA (The Garland Plan) which planned for poisons and sabotage as well as bomb and bullet and infiltration of the Trades Unions (Socialist Worker Party ?)

The position of the Charity Commission is that a charity has to take reasoned and expert advice. My position is that no advice could be reasoned if it ends with deliberate concealment of facts which were published in a Judicial Report (Scarman Report 1972)

An affront to us all by the way is the fact that Stephen Lawrence was denied justice. He is just as entitled to Justice as the eleven lads murdered by IRA at Deal Barracks 1989. Neither case got justice.
im sorry im confused about all of the above.

what does the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry have to do with Shortt?

Is it possible a locally based neo nazi outfit, has a fad for the IRA and its propaganda rather than a wholesale republican neo nazi support element (bearing in mind that their politics are opposite ends of the spectrum only their propensity for violence draws vague parallels), Up here in Scotland things can get very confused (mostly because the followers of both of these positions tend to be a bit dim, and therefore support whatever they think makes them look Ard)

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