James Shortt overthrowing Indonisian Authorities

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by scoldog, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Jesus Fucking Christ, you couldn't make this shit up!
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  2. Now I know where rayc has gone.
  3. What's this got to do do with the Royal Artillery Yacht Club?
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  4. Cheers, made my year that! :santa:

    Wonder if the fact that I emailed links for Little's' FB pages to the Australian Federal Police pointing out his crimes (training or being trained to flight for a foreign country on OZ soil, or anywhere else as an OZ citizian) had anything to do with it?
  5. He's the gift that keeps on giving.
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  6. He really is an idiot, you plan (or claim to plan) something illegal and post lots of photos on open Facebook pages. Genius.
  7. The story had me laughing.
    Jim Shortte, Bambi suit and "training" by Jimbo.
    Could be made in to a Holywood block buster, "Tropic Blunder"
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  8. If he wasn't an idiot, he would have avoided Jimbo.
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  9. I read this too.

    In some ways I am hoping they do go to West Papua, and take Shortarse with them. I would love to see them go up against the TNI and Kompassus. (My money is on the Indonesians)

    Edit: Oh yes, forgot to add - "colonel" Little is a 45 year old disability pensioner. I might wonder why my Oz taxes are paying this twat a pension when he can undergo Shortarses "military training". Oh yes, he also doesn't believe in Australian sovereignty......

    Disability pensioner refused bail after nabbed while allegedly heading to West Papua on `mercenary' mission | News.com.au
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  10. I always thought he was odd ....the John Fisher choir boy
  11. Yer man isn't going to be too happy, the story is listed in the most read section of a few major online newspapers.
  12. My money is that you know foxtrot alpha about current affairs
  13. Crying here....quality find!