James Shortt (AKA Baron Castleshort)

Seems very for real, but am curious about the nurse links. A walting nurse? Why?

In fact as follow up he wrote this to an ARRSER Byronik:

"The healthy scepticism expressed by the ARRSEur known as Buck Felize prompted me to e-mail the man himself for his permission to share one of the scanned documents attached to his threat of legal action on Thu, 28 Aug 2008: a letter from Major Grover RM dated Feb. 2, 1982.

Here is Shortt's response, unedited apart from a few paragraph breaks to make it readable.[/b]

From: “Baron James Shortt of Castleshort” <e-mail address available>
Subject: Re: "Royal Marine Commando Forces - Consultant (1976-1982)"
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:18:02 +0100
Organization: IBAHQ

Thank you for asking but I am not inclined to give any permission.

The individual can make direct contact with me if he wishes, as you have done.

As a journalist you will be aware, in any case of defamation I do not have to prove what I say but the the person(s) making the remarks must prove what they say. That said I will clarify that I was given leave of absence from the Capuchin Franciscans in the summer of 1974 to enable me to train as a nurse (then SRN under GNC but now called RGN under UKCC). During that the 3 year period of training for SRN I left the order to get married. "

Ventress said:
dui-lai said:
Bloody hell, what have I missed!!!! is he for real???? tell me he is!!!!
Where have you been? I have down as AWOL.

I've got you down as Missing in Action, where have you been, wife keeping you under control at last?

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