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At pesent, we are fumbling our way with transfeering all our vehicles onto the all singing all dancing JAMES...( their words, not mine!)

The Sqn's are doing all the data capture, and the clerks are putting all user names of the drivers onto the database along with licence categories.

Great so far.

One of our REME LAD lads emailed me and asked the following:

"Until REME have taken off VOR X jobs, the equipment stays VOR.

1 X Crafty was tasked with updating the job cards, and therefore making the vehicle servicable

However, he can't do this as his login wont allow him too.

My question is how to get around this? Do we (REME fitter sect) require to have Maintenance access, and if so how do we go about getting this?"

Any assistance that JAMES users out there can provide would be much appreciated.

Please bear in mind that this is a new system to us, so if you have been using it for some time it might be 'basics' to you but it certainly isnt to us!!
Your administrators set levels of access and user rights. There is a drop down menu showing levels of operation and maintenance, only personnel with level 2 rights can clear level 2 (REME) tasks.

As a tip, get everyone used to the terminology as soon as possible, for example Level 1 (A Job) and level 2 (X Job) Tasks and Taskworthy, Limited Role and Non-Taskworthy. It saves time and confusion in the long run.

Also check and double check that people know what they are doing before they clear maintenance tasks (or any other function) as doing this wrong (especially with regard to 6 monthly, annual and 2 yearly servicing) can cause a whole world of pain with the system forecasting maintenance and turning vehicles red at the wrong time.

Try the JAMES maint page for some very useful information and SOP’s. If you can’t find it let me know and I will PM you the hyper link from work.
I have been using JAMES for quite a while now and find it a useful tool, the problem is "data input". The system is very unforgiving, so I would get your lads in the "sandpit" first. Problems we still encounter today:
1. Incorrect mileage being entered results in years of servicing and VM tasks popping up.(lots of grovelling to the JAMES team).
2. Always have a physical signature on the job card and work on nothing till the vehicle turns up with one.
3. The user always seems to want to create a new job card instead of adding the fault to the original one.
4. Do not fall for the "it only prints out once", this can be easilly sorted out by closing the job card and putting the jobs into a new job card.

90% of all my problems have been caused the user. The JAMES helpline is very helpfull and I've spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them.
Any other probs give me a shout.
Not a wah Falklands but are you over in MTW in the Falklands at the moment, if so a bit suprised its out there.
Many thanks for your responses. I will re-engage battle with it tommorow.
The best advise I can give you is ensure the initial 2 yearly date is correct and do not let your unit go overdue on inspections. If the initial date is wrong everything will be wrong and if you go over on inspections everything will eventually be that out of sync you will lose the will to live. We have recently introduced a master folder containing copies of all inspections reports and brake & emmissions certs. The reason for this is before reports go round the houses and get lost in the internal mail system we copy it and enter the info onto JAMES straight away. I have had instances where repots have been missing having a good time for months. Apart from all that I do think its a good tool.
Check the FMT 1004 for last 2 yearly, OOPM, MEI and 6 monthly safety then compare these dates with those recorded on JAMES. Any anomolies,either carryout remedial action or contact the Helpdesk to revise the entries on JAMES. SHOULD ANY EQUPT BE FOUND TO BE OVERDUE SERVICE OR INSPECTION, PLACE THE EQUPT NON-TASKWORTHY IMMEDIATELY. Create a folder system containing ORIGONAL AFG932Bs(with RBT&emissions certs)AFB6534.Mod record extracted from FMT1004.1084A job cards. Completed BYI sheets and ATUDs.Submit the Mod section with equpt for tech inspection so that the mod state may be checked. ENSURE THAT THE AFG932B AND AFB6534 ARE CORRECTLY COMPLETED. When equpt maint is completed,close down 1084A and return both to user and he will ammend maint history and status on JAMES. Repair agency has enough to do at present with spanners, FEMIS and stagging on at the main gate.
Inst_Techs_Rule said:
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just a small thing i have just hit a massive problem with this system we in the sand pit have not got james here and due to the rip of vehicles out here the docs have never been up dated as everything has to be on james so i have to redo all the servicing as non of the james printouts show when this has been done its a waste of time and man power just because nobody updated the hard copy

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