James Miller - Inquest decides murder Verdict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Padre, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. James Miller, a British cameraman shot dead in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli soldier was murdered, an inquest jury has decided.

    No suprise there considering the manner in which Israel conducts itself.

    Mr Miller identified himself (and was clearly recognisable as a newsman) and carried a white flag, yet was shot by the soldier and no spuprise to discover that "Israel has been uncooperative with the Metropolitan Police...they haven't allowed us access to interview soldiers and witnesses.".

    Again, no suprise and yet this wretched Government continue (along with Bush) to blindly support this corrupt and despicable country and it's leadership. He's not the first newsman to be killed in the region either - he's the fourth and yet what is our Government's response?

    Answer - not a lot.

    The duplicity of those in leadership and the way we 'protect' our friends is an absolute disgrace.

    Well done to the BBC for making the story a priority (another one for PTP to enjoy - see told you I thought Beeb was good!).

  2. Would it be right for RAF to retaliate?
  3. Think it might get into some bother if it tried that....RAF's not that well tooled up anymore.....
  4. By contrast our Israeli friends are ready to kill anybody.


  5. I would imagine the BBC have been instructed by Bliar to publicise the inquest as local elections are next month, any criticism of Israel will play well with moslem voters.

    Will be back to normal afterwards.
  6. Do you mean that Gerat Britain - the motheland of parliamentarism, country of Law, beacon of human rights really is a dictatorship where political elite stages elections, where courts make politically motivated decisions, where public media corporation is really a politicl tool of rulling party?
  7. But the fact that this Government supports Israel so strongly indicates that a 'strong' letter of protest will be sent (i.e. please try not to do it again unless you have to).

    Ex_Ex I don't think this will curry flavour (sic) with the Islamicists amongst the voting populace. By design, neither will it alienate the peace-loving, democratic souls who support Israel.

    Seeing the PA as a legitmate target - no suprise there either - Israel's record in terms of prudence, justice and decent behaviour is woeful (paging Mr. Vanunu - your packing crate is waiting at gate 5 for loading).

    The sadness for me is the fact that some Christians are totally blind when it comes to Israel, justice and supporting that nation.

    I leave you with a quote: "What does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."


  8. Just read an update to this story.


    and for those who don't want to follow the link - the crunch:

    "The Foreign Office peddled Israeli assurances to us as if they could be taken at face value."

    "The Israeli Embassy said in a statement: "After a very thorough investigation using laboratories in Israel and abroad and after reviewing all the available evidence, it was not possible to reach a reliable conclusion that could provide a basis for proceedings under criminal law"

    Not suprising considering the efforts they made to cloud and destroy evidence!

  9. The sitation is very hazy, the solider will be made an escape goat for sure for a problem like this you need to adress higher up the ranks not just conscripts.
  10. Difficult to say but it could well be that had the IDF soldier been someone from a British army battalion and the reporter was doing something he knew would provoke an armed reaction, the attitude here on ARRSE would be quite different. The photographer was not just recording facts - he was there because of his conscience or because he had an agenda. Photos showing IDF doing nothing do not have much value - commercially or politically. I've said it before - to avoid unfortunate deaths such as this, maintain a good distance between body and rifle.
  11. The only diffrence between the two sides is the israelis have more guns .They hate each other and anyone who wants to take sides
    is going to be seen as a legitimate target by the other one .We should stay away from both sides .And the foreign office is there to help foreigners .
    Oh and if there was some journo taking the other side .I d hope the most we would do is think about slotting him .
  12. Your begining to catch up with us matey :wink:
  13. the idf have locked the bloke up for 8 years more than he'd get for killing him in this country :cry: